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Ellmouth's South Glaster University was constructed from 1980 to 1987, on the site of the old Ellmouth Hospital, which had relocated to a more spacious location in Ellmouth's suburbs, now named Hermann Blayney General Hospital. South Glaster University has since expanded to include various campuses around Ellmouth City Centre.

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This section of railway was formerly a walled cutting like the section to the north. The track was singled and the cutting was infilled and covered after the line to the harbour closed. This spur remains open for goods trains; the frequency of which has varied throughout the years.

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Ellmouth Hodges Hill

The South Glaster Railway Company built this station as a smallish temporary terminus, as the line was extended south to Ellmouth Harbour within years of its opening. Soon afterwards the line east to Reyston was opened too. In order to facilitate trains that ran straight from the north all the way down to Reyston, the main station of the the South Glaster Railway Company was relocated to a place further to the north, the current Ellmouth Wentonstone Road station.

The old Wentonstone Road station was renamed to Ellmouth Hodges Hill, and it was downgraded to a minor station that ran trains through to Ellmouth Harbour. Ellmouth Harbour's station itself closed in the early 1960s in preference to a new port on Reyston Island (to the south). This rendered the entire branch useless and the line closed to passenger traffic at a similar date. However, Ellmouth Wentonstone Road was modified and retained as a parcel sorting depot for mail trains coming in from North Glaster for much of the 1970s and 1980s, although the eastern chord of the junction had been cut off by then and put out of use.

With unification and increased road transport in Glaster the mail train service ceased in 1985 and the station was closed. The parcel sorting facility was retained until 2000 when it was relocated to a new site (somewhere else). The entire facility lies derelict and vacant, and the area around it isn't particularly wealthy either. There retains a single tracked through line for freight traffic.

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Ashfields Flyover was the last section of the Ellmouth Ring Road to be completed, probably in the mid 1970s. Originally the S11motorway over the river terminated at the roundabout to the west. Pollards Bank Ringway was later built with a temporary terminus onto Ashfields Parkway before the flyover was completed.

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Fledneration Street Juntion 5
With the completion of the S1 (Fledneration Street) motorway, the present Junction 5A was constructed as an interchange for Melton via Melton Road, Humphrey Davis Road (later Melton Link) and later the S14 road.

The S14 was later extended to connect to the proposed S15 road (Ellmouth Northern Bypass) and thus junction 5B was constructed. The resulting grade separation left flared carriageways and an oval roundabout to accommodate for further grade separation. With the budget cuts following Glastian reunification in 1979, the S15 was built as an R road instead of and S road, and the flyover was never realised.

The reduced state of the Ellmouth Northern Bypass meant that an important link for Junction 5B, westbound-northbound was not constructed. Motorists are advised to use Junction 5A instead.

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