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Entry 003: Trying an Industrial Area over 2 years ago

@KTheBritMC I am basing this type of region off of the northern Appalachians, such as the Berkshires, the Whites, and the Green Mountains.

GESF declares bankruptcy over 2 years ago

iiEarth, that is a completely uncalled for comment and it dismisses the legitimate concerns Mstr had. You should be ashamed.

GESF declares bankruptcy over 2 years ago

I agree with you mstr that the state of national rail is poor. I would love to and wouldn’t mind going through all the rail in the country and straightening it and evening the curves to make it map-grade. However, current leadership has told me I am not allowed to do this, and that I should leave it to state owners.

It appears that the rails may never be able to be good quality if this is the stance of leadership.