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Boundary Relations about 1 month ago

Real world examples:

Slippy Map in JOSM about 1 month ago

Wiki > Help portal > Configuring iD and JOSM for editing

JOSM Help about 1 month ago

It’s still there on the old wiki, although agree unlikely to be migrated forward as-is.

But it’s not really something for somebody new at JOSM to realistically take on.

OGF Reboot at October 1, 2021, 1700 UTC! 2 months ago


JOSM 2 months ago

test 5 3 months ago


help me / ayuda 4 months ago

Old versions of OGF maps? 4 months ago – We can’t take any responsibility for data backup. Snapshots of the data set are created at regular intervals and can be downloaded from

Islands 5 months ago

Topomap and Histor's renderer broken ? 8 months ago

Correct, they have been disabled.

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook (December 2020 update) 10 months ago

One more thing I forgot to put in my previous comment – there is now a new version updated, I will be deleting this post shortly. Eklas

[Please don't post above] Essential information for new users and the comprehensive OGF guidebook (December 2020 update) 10 months ago


@Arlo James Barnes, the text is taken from the “contact” section above. I’m not disagreeing but that’s why I put it there like that.

@NixTheProtogen, the link is set to “view” and worked fine for me when I tried opening it in an anonymous window. The link you sent seems to lead to a different file altogether…


Re: New Ports for Leasing 11 months ago

Please read:

Potlatch & Flash 11 months ago

The next Potlatch3 build will allow you to specify the API URL, so will support OGF. L

questions about 1 year ago

Gobras City Questions and World Companies about 1 year ago

From the territory map: “Until official announcement, users who have edited in Gobrassanya before can keep editing here. English colonial territory, strong Gobrasi (Hawaiian-like) indigenous presence”.

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! about 1 year ago

While this may help your access to the wiki in a number of circumstances, it is probably clear that it is not a total solution. Obviously there is more than one issue with the wiki, this only works around one with the default style sheet.

So use the wiki edits wisely. Do not go creating expensive (as if it looks like a festival of {{ and }}) templates which result in extra load for the server. Do not create frivolous articles. Do not upload non-free, non-attributed images. These will be deleted without notice.

The volunteer site admins have limited control over this, please don’t make it harder.

Continuing Mapping Cornut about 1 year ago

From OGF:Territory assignment: “AR050-nn or AR099x territories - these have much less stringent requirements on theme, language and culture but as such should be largely considered a proving ground, not a location of long term country development” and “a wiki account will not be generally created for this territory” when you were granted the territory.

Your AR050 territory allows you to build up familiarity with the site, tools and mapping skill. You can later request a territory with considered language and theme.

Mecyna flooded? over 1 year ago

This is not the place to report flooding.

It was automatically reported.

Also, you will notice from that map that your mapping is also breaking the coastline.