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Changes in Vinnmark about 1 year ago

Sorry, but that's not going to happen. The general course of the coastline in this region has been discussed at length, and cannot be changed unilaterally.

The frontier changes will probably be OK, though. Giving up parts of your territory is always allowed, but keep in mind that it will be most likely a non-reversible action.


Map problems almost 2 years ago

That was an error in the tile expiry mechanim that I implemented along with setting up the new tile server. I believe I have it fixed now. Please let me know if any problems still occur.

Can you help with translation? over 2 years ago

PS — Note to translators: please be sure to translate the words "authoritative version" next to "English" in the language bar, so that people know the English version is the most "official" one. Thanks!

Struggles with coastline updating over 2 years ago

I think the coastline renders were all run at once, and we saw a lot of "delayed" updates finally coming through. The flooding was the result of edits that were several days old at least. I also saw a bunch of coastline edits I had done finally "appear" on the map (some over a week old).

I think Thilo is working on timing and scheduling issues with respect to coastline renders, in order to optimize server performance. Meanwhile, we will see odd results like this, sometimes. Just be patient, and don't worry - nothing is broken - it's more a matter of getting the right settings. Our map update needs in OGF are not exactly the same as in OSM (where our software comes from), so we will have to work to get it to work well for us without sacrificing too much server performance.

Happy mapping and ...

happy new year / feliz nuevo año / 새해 복 많이 받으세요!


Map Notes? over 3 years ago

See here:

This feature probably doesn't make as much sense in Opengeofiction as in Openstreetmap, but it's in the OSM software, so we have it too.

What's the deal with AN127? over 3 years ago

The overview map is the authoritative source about the status of a territory.

When I started Opengeofiction I thought: let's just add an owner tag to every country relation, then export all those relation and create the overview map automatically. That didn't work out, for two reasons.

First, automatic placement of country names is kind of hard. Second, many users don't maintain their country relations too well, so a lot of them are broken.

Now I use always the same exported data and only change colors and names. That's why changes in OGF don't always appear on the overview map. Also at some point I stopped maintaining the "ogf:owner" tags. In this case, you can change it to "[free]" if you want, or just ignore it.


Coastline node problem over 3 years ago

You have to split the way, there's no method to avoid that. As long as the end node of one way is the starting node of the other, there won't be a rendering problem.

Language Question for the Wiki almost 4 years ago

I think the idea of "ingerish" as the "Opengeofiction english" (and also Ingerland as the origin of the english-speaking population) emerged on this discussion page:

Backup File question almost 4 years ago

I don't know what happened to the 1200 backup on Friday.

I do backups of the wiki, but these are complete database dumps, containing user data and all, so I can't publish them. If anyone knows of a safe (against accidentally exposing critical data) and easy method of exporting mediawiki articles, please let me know.

How I can claim my territory? almost 4 years ago

OK, but which territory?

Please have a look at the overview map, choose one from the green territories and tell me its number.

How I can claim my territory? almost 4 years ago

You can claim a territory by sending a message to admin.

So which one do you want?

Wiki wishes almost 4 years ago

Installed the "MultiMaps" extension, which does work.

For an example, see the Roantra page.

Wiki wishes almost 4 years ago

Using files form Wikimedia Commons is now enabled. Please check if it works.

I also installed the slippymap extension, but it doesn't seem to work. Don't know yet why.


Cascande almost 4 years ago

Well, here it is:

Please regard it as being still experimental.

I already installed it some time ago, but then got frustrated because a lot of Wikipedia functionality is not provided out-of-the-box, for example geographic coordinate handling or infoboxes.

I would really appreciate if someone of you who might have more MediaWiki know-how would take the position of "wiki administrator".

If you sign up, please use the same username and email address as with OGF itself.

Complex geometric building shapes. about 4 years ago

How about this: I create a user named "highlights" and we use that user's diary as the highlight list. The highlights would then appear in the general "user diaries" section but could also be viewed separately at

Anyone could nominate a certain area for inclusion into the list by sending a message to the "highlights" user. It would then be the job of the "highlights admin" to create a diary entry for this (maybe also asking the creator for a short text to provide some background).

I can also create a mailing list, so the "highlights admin" doesn't have to be a single person. What do you think? Any volunteers for the job?


Survey about OpenGeofiction about 4 years ago

I just want to say that this post was agreed to beforehand by the admin team and that we'll do an interview with said magazine later this week. So I think it would actually be nice if some people would respond. This doesn't mean that I want to nudge anyone to do it, I just want to let you know that we're in on it.

A name for AR900? about 4 years ago

No, there's no plan. It's not even certain that it's a single country. Everyone can edit it, so nobody would stop you from naming it. But people are also free to draw country borders, so there might happen some secessions after that.

Making things the right size over 4 years ago

In Maperitive you can display OSM maps with an exactly defined scale by applying the zoom-max-scale command.

Welcome over 4 years ago

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Welcome over 4 years ago

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