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support please about 2 years ago

We are all mappers here

it's not over yet about 2 years ago

I’m also 16 in 11th grade :)

How do I invite people to OGF without them randomly mapping somewhere? about 2 years ago

When I was invited here the person specifically showed me “this is a blue country. map here”. Do something like that.

I now return about 2 years ago

It’s been a while and that getting-a-girlfriend goal still hasn’t materialized, huh?

Ykphane Project and Aracadiana Capital over 2 years ago

I don’t think the admins would be very happy with this.

I'm opening my country for all mappers over 2 years ago

Uh, I don’t think that’s how it works…

Flights in the FSA/OGF World over 2 years ago

Well since OGF nations come and go, not really? I guess the only established air hub is Khaiwoon.

day one almost 3 years ago

You need to have territory in order to obtain a wiki account, I believe.

Update on Mapping in Duncanheim almost 3 years ago

Which part of JOSM are you stuck with?

Also I do not believe copy/pasting OSM data here is allowed so you should probably delete it?

Country Confirmed over 3 years ago

Oh cool, now I have a new neighbour.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

Molento Island Airport would be mostly for general aviation and a few flights to other places. No jets can land at the airport because of the short runways, and that it’s right downtown.

About the highways and roads - I just haven’t mapped much of the small stuff yet.

Creating an excellent transit system would not very characteristic of a typical North American city…

As for the orientation of the airport, I’ll rotate the whole thing. I will also adjust the runways when I get home. Thanks for the feedback.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

I hope it would be a major destination…

If you’re talking about Montgomery’s airport, that would only serve domestic flights with a few international flights to neighbouring countries.

About the cost - I was thinking that the government would have financed a large amount of the airport because Molento was the former capital of Capitalia. The extra runways would be strategic (for military purposes).

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

I’m quite sure putting fuel tanks in the middle of an airport would be quite disastrous… (plane crashes, support vehicles crashes)

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

Person’s also got de-icing pads in the middle of the airport… but I don’t really need that…

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

ATC’s in the middle. Emergency Services will be in the middle too. Still, there’s a lot of space. I think I should just put hangars and terminals that airlines own? WestJet has a hangar in the middle of Pearson.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport almost 4 years ago

Probably because real estate right next to runways is especially worthless. But usually, areas near airports are mostly industrial space.

However, there’s a ton of space within the airport that I don’t know what to insert. I already have cargo terminals there.

Messy Coastal Cities in Tarrion almost 4 years ago

That Sears and Walmart are… very very small.

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... almost 4 years ago

I think women generally don’t visit the websites many men do. All the sites I visit regularly are all male-dominated.

Some male-dominated things I can think off the top of my head: video games in general ranging from AAA games (Forza) to web games (NationStates), pornography sites, forums of all subjects, and Wikipedia.

Discord almost 4 years ago

Well, I think the forums are already inactive enough. No one really replies to anything I say.

Embassies in Illiria almost 4 years ago

Illiria, a Twelfth Night reference?

If you want an embassy in my country, please contact me. If you wish to put a Capitalian embassy, go ahead, and just send me a message as a heads-up.