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Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert 2 months ago

Hello Luciano,

Thanks again for answering so quickly. It makes sense that a smaller file has fewer objects, so there is potentially something wrong with it. Checking on the size is also easy, so yes: something to look for before downloading and converting it.

One last question then: also in the screenshot you posted i see the two last files have the same date and size, only a different name. Is that the only difference? Or are there some differences in the files themselves too, reason for it to be double?


Questions on OGF backups and Osmconvert 2 months ago

Hello Luciano,

Thanks for your quick response and good to know i was on the right page for the latest backups. As for Osmconvert i don’t have linux and have no experience on code. I’m very happy working in Windows and using the ‘binary?’ for Windows.

Just know i did a retry by first downloading the latest backup-file (ogf-planet.osm.pbf) in stead of one a few days old. Now i think that may have caused the problem with missing objects after converting, as the naming is different that maybe there are some differences in the file-structure too? At least after clipping and converting the .pbf-file to an .osm-file and opening it in JOSM it looks good, with all the latest edits i have made the past months.

So for now my problem seems solved.


Lack of valid certificate and JOSM 6 months ago

And now it works for me too. Just downloaded some areas and uploaded some small edits. I hope the problems are over now.

Lack of valid certificate and JOSM 6 months ago

Same here, Even though the URL seems to validate in the Preferences-window in JOSM, i get red crosses in the background map and an error when trying to download.

Territory codes in East Uletha are changing over 1 year ago

Good to be informed that there gonna be some changes, but also that there aren’t any consequences to the users in this area, and explicitly: no changes of existing work. :-)

I can understand that people find my work on Neberly not very fitting for the location or even to less detailed after being member for over six years. But i’m afraid i’m still pleased with the (slow) progress i’m making. When i started in 2013 there was no real idea about how the ‘world’ as a whole, let alone climate zones. I had thought (or hoped) Neberly would be in a more temperate climate and worked from there. Now i too see that probably it isn’t really fitting, but being stubborn and wanting to hold on to my original plan…i’m afraid you’re all stuck with me.

Useful resource for UK mappers over 2 years ago

People interested in the Netherlands may find this interesting:

‘map of urbanisation in the Netherlands’

Standard it shows the Netherlands in 1575 with quite some detail in the cities of that time. But in the layerlist one can also choose the ‘groei 35 grootste steden’ (development of the 35 largest cities). These layers are also available as mapservices.

It doesn’t say much of the social structure within the country or cities. For that one should read the ‘atlas’ itself; only in Dutch i’m afraid and quite expensive, but very interesting. Tells all about urbanisation in the Netherlands in general and of every city apart. Not only old cities, but also the newer ones.

Real life interrupts... over 3 years ago

I wish you all the best on these great changes. It’s good to hear you’ve overcome cancer and i do hope these changes will turn out for the better. Good luck!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year almost 4 years ago

Merry Christmas to everyone and the best wishes for the new year!

Invitation to the first Geovision Song Festival about 5 years ago

Not sure if it’s in time but Neberlians would love to participate in this contest:

  • Country: Neberly
  • Band: Liquid Air
  • Song: No More Tears
  • Genre: Rock (ballad)
  • Language: Ingerish
Voting results for naming the oceans and new continents about 6 years ago

Well i’m afraid i do think they sound alike. I also just noticed that all three have the -ic-suffix. So my choice would be the Asperian Ocean. But i even forgot to vote in the first place and my country isn’t set to any of the three oceans, so i would be the last to make a big deal of this.

map will not load new data at lower zoom levels about 6 years ago

I noticed the same earlier this week and today. Yesterday evening i drew railroads in my Dufield-province (middle south of Neberly) which still aren’t visible at level 7, but were almost imediately visible at level 8 and higher. The wednesday edit i made became visible about a day later, so i don’t really worry.

Etymologies over 6 years ago

The name of my country Neberly begins with the starting letters of the country i live (Netherlands) en live close by (Belgium). Not a very original idea as some people will know the Benelux, a ‘union’ of the countries of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. But after this ‘Nebe’ start i searched for some extensions to to complete the name. I then found Neberly and liked it for it sounded a bit like neighbourly, and i certainly like to be friends with my neighbours as well as other people here. Only afterwards this i choose the name of the main river to be Neber. So this is the other way around then what i described in the Neberly-wiki-page (In the Geography-chapter).

Wiki Questions over 6 years ago

Thanks Thilo and Luciano for your reactions. I’ve just been trying osmconvert and after some tries i managed to first clip the pbf-file to the area of Neberly and convert that pbf-file to an osm-file. I didn’t find it very intuitive and the command lines didn’t seem to work for me. Almost everything i write only resulted in a immediate close of the program. Only with “ a “ i got a step-to-step guide that did the trick. The clipping and converting itself only took seconds indeed.

Wiki Questions over 6 years ago

Maperative seems a nice tool to load and use .osm files, but it doesn’t seem able to open the .xml.gz files from the backup-directory. I’m still looking for an easy / user-friendly tool to extract a .osm file for a whole country. Downloading all parts in JOSM takes quite a while and is very tiring. Does anyone know how?

Airports for Timetable over 6 years ago

I hadn’t thought about a code for my international airport near Senford, Neberly. I don’t even have a location yet, but i think it will be near the town of Beeston. This would make the airport code: SFB (SenFord/Beeston). The population is easier: there are over 22.5 million inhabitants in Neberly, as mentioned in the wiki-article.

Admins will begin deleting images without copyright info over 6 years ago

I see the copyright info should be added to the comments on the image. Is it possible to edit these comments afterwards, to add this copyright info, is it the summary? I’ve been searching for it, but don’t see how.

New forests in Gobrassanya? over 6 years ago

Nice discussion about how to tag the higher areas on hills and mountains. Over half a year ago i started with forests to show the more hilly sites in Neberly, but soon felt that as the country is rather far up north there should be a treeline, say over a 1000 meters. Therefore i now have many large areas that are no forests but should be mountainous. Certainly in the west where the forest don’t show the hills but rather the valleys. Heath, scrub of scree will be useful to fill these open areas. I also plan to use natural=glacier to show the real high areas. I also have been using the natural=ridge tag but perhaps Luciano’s idea is a better alternative for visualising these ways.

Country lines do not show up in edit mode almost 7 years ago

I don’t know if it fixes the problem, but did you only download a smaller part of the line without a node on it? My guess is that you can only see lines or areas that have a node in the box you download. To change the country name you should download (one or all?) part(s) of the border of your territory, look for the relations on that border and change the name.

[JOSM] - correct URL server almost 7 years ago

I guess you should be using instead. It’s what i use for working in JOSM and what is mentioned in the FAQ.

Belphenian Airlines Air Destinations Project/World's Largest Airport/Longest runways almost 7 years ago

Though i’m not as far as many others here, you’re welcome to add Senford to a list of destinations. As capital of Neberly it will have an international airport.