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Need help designing a mountain city 1 day ago
  • Think of a topographic map. Each contour line represents equal altitude.
  • If the lines are close to each other, then the road should climb up like a snake.
  • Less curvy roads when the distance between the lines get further.
Geovision 4 days ago

Just do it.

@zk Classical music contest is a bit too much. Maybe a festival?


No it doesn't cost money: The certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt and it's free. Maybe it took time though.

I personally prefer Cloudflare (Since I don't have shell access to run Certbot, also anti ddos).

Farms, how must size? about 1 month ago

We had Seigneuries in New France (Now Québec, Ontario, and a little bit Michigan):

North Valenburg about 1 month ago
  • The railroad is way too curvy. Trains won't be able to run on it. Also it ends on a road and cuts through the whole town unreasonably.
  • The roads are drawn too randomly. I mean, don't make it straight everything, but certainly not disordered. See here.
  • Misuse of building tag. They're not zones.
  • On the other hand, actual landuse areas, which are indeed zones, should stick to the road (Use the same nodes).
Revamping the Susquehanna Federation about 1 month ago

Where are your commas and periods???

Stuck. 3 months ago

Also, I think the terrain in Leresso is just wow. I wish I had that skill to fix my own terrain back in Esthyra...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... 3 months ago

There is.

Stuck. 3 months ago

Macbook Air user here. Running JOSM is fine. I swear. I've been using JOSM for all my edits and it runs perfectly fine on my school-owned no-sudo Macbook Air (Java pre-installed). The CPU fan doesn't even blow.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... 3 months ago

Well, I think days are subjected to approval, same as anything that goes to a list.

I think there should be a list and a calendar alongside it, since days are subjected to approval anyways...Just like the broadcast call signs.

So I guess it's a deal then. I'll host a calendar with all definite days and make it public. I certainly don't care about others using mine or making their own.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... 3 months ago

ok not html/css something, this is too much

also google does have a premade widget and users can also subscribe to it, so why do you need that

Happy St. Patrick's Day! But for OGF... 3 months ago

Hey isleño! I don't want to add to the mess of all the lists going on right now...Besides, the best way to organize a bunch of dates is through a proper calendar. It also...

  • Gives all the mappers a chance to celebrate imaginary holidays IRL as they can choose to be actually notified of these dates, and
  • Facilitates moderation in order to prevent overwikification, and at the same time to provide inspirations for mappers.
RE: Berwick 3 months ago

Not necessary continuing to work on it...Maybe take these suggestions into developing your own territory and leave this blue-territory city to someone else, I'd say.

RE: Berwick 3 months ago

Please ask an admin to delete your previous entry if it is rendered useless. Some suggestions:


  • The airport runways and taxiways are messy. Reference real-world ones.
  • What's the tunnel road doing there???
  • The LeitzAirlines building is actually facing an end of a runway. Do planes crash into that building?
  • What's the art museum doing there?


  • Downgrade the motorway to a normal boulevard, maybe with fewer intersections. A motorway is totally unnecessary for a city of that size. It also ruins the view.
  • Central Pkwy and Gladstone Ave should just be normal traffic, not with unnecessary service roads and stack intersections.


  • The university sports pitch should be given more land. Better if you build a university stadium and a better pitch in the suburbs. (Concordia Univ. in Montreal, Canada has two campuses: One in downtown with high-rises and one in the suburbs with a large football ground and some old American-college-like buildings.)
  • Everything in the theme park is too small. And what's the veteran memorial doing there?
  • Two Central Parks...Remove the small one. Remove the roads crossing it: They're completely unnecessary and also spoil the view.
  • Parking don't take up a whole building. So put underground garages as nodes and put them inside office buildings.
  • On the east side, the parking on Main Street is way too oversized.
  • Some buildings are improperly sized.


  • Make residential areas.
  • The downtown CBD is quite saturated right now. Maybe spread it out and insert more green spaces. Also, try moving the airport away: You don't have an airport so close to your CBD. (Toronto counts as an exception but in that case, there's water as a barrier)

Apparently, you're not new and you already have a territory. After all, your CBD is quite detailed. So come on! You can do better.

Berwick 3 months ago

Your location points to nowhere.

Do you mean this?

Why is Ambiskus City empty? 3 months ago

Apparently you're still quite new for OGF. A lot of people map in Commonia just to get their own territory, as mapping in blue countries in 7 days is one of the conditions. Thus, it is not surprising to see random abandoned mappings like this.

Repeating Buildings 3 months ago

The country is called Garzibania now Stjur

Making realistic small towns 3 months ago

JOSM has the O button.

  1. Make a quadrilateral (a shape with 4 nodes).
  2. Select that shape.
  3. Press O.
  4. Some magik

With that and with the use of measuring tools You'll Probably end up with a nice grid.

Need advice on drawing large forests 4 months ago

Thanks Alessa! I have drawn some heath around, as well as land clearings around the railway. I'll add some watery features and some more smaller-sized clearings later on.

Hello, everyone! 4 months ago

Having all the buildings 50x50 is quite boring: Add some details and variations. So far your experimenting is good. Same as Alessa says, try adding some detailed tags. And yes, it doesn't look quite rural. There should be greater distance between buildings.

Welcome to OGF!