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Lack of valid certificate and JOSM almost 2 years ago

n.b. The certificate has been reissued and it should no longer be a problem

Willow Peak; Hamlet of the Woods about 2 years ago

First, the buildings should not touch the road. Second, be mindful of scale. Your 2 houses are 40m x 30m which seems to be a bit too large?

Also, reminder:

please think twice if what you have to say is really that urgent and necessary before uploading.

OGF Wiki won't load properly about 2 years ago

Potlatch & Flash over 2 years ago

actually, all the API urls are hard-coded in potlatch, and I think OGF supports most (if not all) OSM endpoints, so it could be possible to do it on our own

First Entry in awhile... over 2 years ago

The previous entry said “do not post above”…

What's wrong with the wiki? over 2 years ago

Modules mediawiki.legacy.commonPrint,shared and mediawiki.skinning.interface are broken and takes a long time to load

Admins should consider upgrading?

Bus route tips over 2 years ago

a portion of Gobras City could work, just don’t show the entire city, it destroys computers

Bus route tips over 2 years ago

@Taka: For future reference, don’t link the entire Gobras City since loading it is just too resource-demanding

SkyPoint Redevelopment over 2 years ago

Did the highway sinking for you.

To prevent branching the monorail while giving direct access to the mall, you should move the concert hall to the land now available due to sinking.

Gobras City North Sky Point Development almost 3 years ago

I would recommend you to fill Sky Point itself first, since it has been “abandoned” for a long time.

The nearby plots are quite irregular in size and would require major reorganization to keep on developing. Here’s my proposal, which allows minimum change, but still requires discussion with others:

  • Sky Point Expressway goes underground right before Sutarasa Avenue.
  • With the viaduct gone, move the concert hall closer to SP.
  • The land near the highway can be some office spaces. Near Bontena I say it can be apartments…?
Hello almost 3 years ago

It’s free, yes.

As to your city, layout looks fine, but you should straighten things a bit (and seeing you’re getting JOSM, you are definitely on track of doing that).

Hello almost 3 years ago

You need to install Java Runtime Environment 8u251 (note that Mac itself includes Java SE 12 which cannot run JOSM).

Hello! almost 3 years ago

Also, you can use the inspect tool (? button on the right of the map) and click on a way within the neighbouring country to see who edited it. In owned territories, this tend to be the owner of the territory.

To edit a larger part of the map, use JOSM, which also comes with convenient tools such as angle snapping and circle drawing.

Now to suggestions:

  • South of Catalina, this residential neighbourhood seems to have problems: You shouldn’t use straight corners for streets (it looks like a maze), and you want to keep at least 50m distance between streets. You can refer to Samunta, Gobrassanya for a beachside residential area.
  • You should use full names for streets at all times (e.g. you need to add “Calle” prefix at all times).
  • Roads lack curves. Add some decorations. Also JOSM could help.

Layout seems good, although I can’t comment much without buildings… I’d say you’re on your way to success. Enjoy!

support please almost 3 years ago

wiki article

Still stuck? There’s a video attached in the article.

Still stuck? You can try asking any available JOSM mapper to move stuff for you. Do it nicely though.

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer almost 3 years ago

Generally the standard layer is synced to OSM’s. Kerb was removed.

There are definitely many examples of micromapping on the website… I’m not admin, but I’d say that due to the site’s population being such a niche (marketing term: very specialized segment. not an insult), I doubt we have enough active mappers for these issues to exist… Besides, I’d say coastline errors take more resources than micromapping.

Starting a community city project almost 3 years ago

Gobras City is kinda a community city rn

Mapping not reflected almost 3 years ago

Update: it seems like renderer and osm3s started working again at this moment

Mapping not reflected almost 3 years ago

My changesets #897511 (16:30 UTC Apr 18) and #897645 also not showing up in tiles nor osm3s so I doubt it’s a “map projection” problem

Geofiction in OSM about 3 years ago

Shanghainese here. (Not living there currently)

  • Most maps you see (Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc) uses data from AutoNavi (sanctioned) WITHOUT coordinate correction (probably for secret protection?), See here. OSM, of course, is a community effort and therefore unlicensed.
  • Yes, Yangshan (lit. “Ocean hill”) Deep-water Port is a thing. And yes, there’s a small hill (“Xiaoyangshan” lit. “Small Yangshan”) in it. And yes, the bridge exists.
  • China is still a good inspiration if your country likes to burn a lot of cash (Just look at how many tunnels there are between the two shores of Shanghai), but if you want a reasonable fiscal situation then be careful
Phoenix-New Master Plan about 3 years ago

Note: I never edited anything in Mecyna nor am I ever interested in it, but a lot of discussion is happening on the Discord server so I am relatively familiar with this matter.

With that said, since you asked for my opinion, here is my proposal. The “???” should be replaced by “historical district”. This is just a rough plan on land uses, I am not planning to go into details.

Remember: C O N S E N S U S. Don’t repeat the same mistake Mapping Expert made.