Mapper since: July 23, 2017

Welcome! - Bienvenue!

Hello! I map Tigeria, Kotel, Inxigne, and Meilan. If you map a nation bordering Tigeria, Kotel, Inxigne, or Meilan, welcome! If you would like to coordinate developments along our borders, feel free to contact me.

  • International Organizations
    I love hearing the new ideas people have for their international organizations. Whether these organizations be regional, continental, or global, I would be more than happy to join if it suits my countries’ interests. My primary organization is the Red Shield, one of the premier global health organizations in OGF.

  • Airports
    Hexagonia City International Airport is the only airport with a wiki page. Feel free to add flights in the chart there at your discretion.
    If you want to add flights from Tigeria, you may use Tigeria’s flag carrier, Nimiri Halaban.

  • Shipping Lines
    The port of Hexagonia City is the only container port in Tigeria. Let me know if you want to map a shipping line to the port, and we can work something out.

I was developing the West Commonian cities of Big Park, [Chanunwa] ( and the surrounding regions. I was also developing the west side of Gobras City including Tissoons, Lhatvohg Fields, Tudor Farms, and Lammestow. Currently, I am working on Aldeness, Gobrassanya.

Where and to whom do I look for inspiration?