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Welcome! - Bienvenue!

Hello! I map Tigeria, Kotel, Inxigne, and Meilan. If you map a nation bordering Tigeria, Kotel, Inxigne, or Meilan, welcome! If you would like to coordinate developments along our borders, feel free to contact me.

  • International Organizations
    I love hearing the new ideas people have for their international organizations. Whether these organizations be regional, continental, or global, I would be more than happy to join if it suits my countries' interests. My primary organization is the Red Shield, one of the premier global health organizations in OGF.

  • Airports
    Hexagonia City International Airport is the only airport with a wiki page. Feel free to add flights in the chart there at your discretion.
    If you want to add flights from Tigeria, you may use Tigeria's flag carrier, Nimiri Halaban.

  • Shipping Lines
    The port of Hexagonia City is the only container port in Tigeria. Let me know if you want to map a shipping line to the port, and we can work something out.

I was developing the West Commonian cities of Big Park, Chanunwa and the surrounding regions. I'm currently developing the west side of Gobras City including Tissoons, Lhatvohg Fields, Tudor Farms, and Lammestow.

Where and to whom do I look for inspiration?