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Map of languages in the Wiki about 2 years ago

Sude, no one is saying you can’t improve the wiki or the OGF world. Each one of us is slowly making this place a little better each day with our own ideas. But it’s important to discuss new and improved ideas first before making the improvements official, especially if these changes affect the whole community.

I think you have great ideas for the community, but you must learn to keep your develop your ideas in your sandbox and ask for community feedback first before moving these ideas out of your sandbox to implement them officially in the OGF world.

Airports in OGF over 2 years ago

This actually might be a good idea for the wiki’s Featured Map of the month. We could showcase an airport that is mapped well but also takes into account the surrounding environment so that the rest of us can learn by example.

Let's talk about Älved (and other philosophical things) over 2 years ago

But what does “F” in JOSM do?

FollowLine for tracing along existing lines, apparently (where was this when I needed so long ago? I spent so many hours clicking node after thankless node, you have no idea)

Introducing Canan-Yar, Capital of Al-Kaza over 2 years ago

Nice mapping! I’m amazed that you were able to do this on top of work. How were you able to complete a city of this size so quickly, even with detailed buildings? It takes me a lot longer to map just the streets for cities half the size of Canan.

Also, do all embassies need to be on the hill? Some countries might want an embassy closer to the city center where all the action is ;)

Rebuilding Skalenia (again) about 3 years ago

It is certainly possible to do high-quality mapping in iD. In my part of the OGF world, tparigo maps Broceliande almost entirely in iD, and as you can see from his most recent mapping here, he’s pretty good at it.

If you ask the OGF community for tips on how to do something in iD, I know a few iD mappers like histor and Yuanls would be happy to provide some guidance.

JOSM does make mapping a little easier, but iD has all the same tools to make circles, rectangles, squares, and more. With some patience and experimentation, you may discover how to make your mapping better.

Commonia's Capital about 3 years ago

I wouldn’t go so far as to dismiss Ombo as an unrealistic location for a capital.

In terms of location, the most plausible counterpart to Ombo would be Manaus, Brazil, which is 900 miles/1400 km form the ocean (much farther than Ombo is from the coast) and where the best way to get to the city is by plane or by boat.

In terms of quality of life, Ombo could be similar to the war-torn capital of Baghdad, where approximately nine million people live despite Baghdad’s relatively inhospitable conditions, and where the city is attempting to rebound despite the ongoing conflicts in the region.

Realistically speaking, I think that a faction seeking to maintain its legitimacy over all of Commonia would seek to keep control of–rather than abandon–Ombo, since that is where the seat of government is. As the map stands, Ombo represents Commonia, and to take Ombo is to wrest control of Commonia for your own faction. The critical political value of Ombo may very well mean that the regions surrounding the the city may be the most volatile in all of Commonia as various factions seek to take control of the city for themselves.

Keep in mind that better-mapped doesn’t always mean better-developed. Ombo may not be mapped in any significant detail at this time, but one can presume from the layout that already exists that Ombo is one of the major cities of Commonia.

Commonia's Capital about 3 years ago

I like to think that Ombo is the current de facto capital of Commonia for the points that Yuanls makes. But since some of you seem intent on finding a de jure capital (what’s wrong with Ombo, anyway, other than the fact that it needs to be appropriately mapped?), I also would like to put some other options before you:

  • Build a new, neutral capital city for Commonia à la Brasilia/Canberra
  • Designate a different, existing city as the capital for its neutral location à la Ottawa
  • Designate multiple capitals for historical reasons à la Bolivia/South Africa
  • Have no city designated as the (de jure) capital of Commonia à la Switzerland (I recommend this one)

I believe that at some point in the recent past, isleño did remove the capital statuses from all such capital cities in Commonia, so the admins’ intents and actions might be something to keep in mind going forward.

Using Potlatch for the First Time about 3 years ago

Since a lot of OGF rests on the principle of verisimilitude, I think it goes without saying that OGF’s accuracy is based largely on the real world (with some flexibility for our imaginations).

I agree with Yuanls that at really high levels of zoom, the inaccuracy of ways and areas is more forgiving. However, I’m talking about mapping that covers a grander scale and is visible at lower level of zoom. For example, Stanton, FSA is largely mapped in iD. Looking at this neighborhood, we can see that the streets are presumably supposed to be a uniform grid. Observe:

  • 58th Street West and 66th Street West are not parallel
  • 75th Street West appears straight at first glance, but actually has a noticeable slight bend
  • 80th Street West and 90th Street West appear to be parallel but actually diverge
  • Larchwood Avenue does not intersect the above streets at right angles

I can tell who maps in iD and who maps in JOSM because of these imprecisions. While Stanton is mapped fairly well, its collective imperfections leave something to be desired. This is why others have suggested that JOSM is the preferred mapping tool for those who want to master the art of mapping.

Using Potlatch for the First Time about 3 years ago

It all boils down to the quality of mapping that you desire. Certainly there are good examples of mapping done in iD and Potlatch, but if you examine even the best mapping in iD and Potlatch, you will notice that “straight” streets are actually slightly crooked, curves are not as smooth, and “parallel” streets often converge and diverge almost imperceptibly.

On a large scale, a city built in iD or Potlatch may not look any different from a city built in JOSM, but the closer you look at the roads, the buildings, and the other details, the more obvious it becomes that JOSM allows mappers to map precisely and accurately, while iD and Potlatch unfortunately only allow a good approximation at best.

Offshore Oil and Territorial Waters about 3 years ago

In the RW, while offshore oil rigs do not give a nation the right to claim the territorial waters around them, islands do. You could expand your territorial waters by building islands in the desired areas (such as China does in the South China Sea) to legitimize your claims to those desirable areas (work out a plan with admin though if this is what you want to do).

However, oil doesn’t have to be found so far out to sea. Oil can be found on land, in the tidal zones, and within the territorial waters you already have. I’d say that if you want to build oil platforms, you already have all the space you need within your nation’s borders. This bay looks like a good place to start drilling.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport over 3 years ago

Maybe your mapping philosophy is different, but mine is “build the city first, and add infrastructure as necessary.” A bunch of highways and big airports does not make a city a major destination. At the very least, it points to government mismanagement of taxpayer funds. The big question I have about Molento is why people want to visit it. What makes the city vibrant? Is it the golf courses? Is it the zoo? Is there some major university that conducts cutting-edge research? Is it the resort hotels that line the beach? Is it a finance center? What I’m saying is I can’t tell if Molento is a city full of things to do (in which case the airport may be justified) or if it is a victim of a government building a lot of roads to nowhere (in which case the airport is most likely a symbol of government excess).

I was referring to Molento Island Intl. Airport. And since you mention Montgomery, why not have all airlines fly into Molento Intl. instead, and create an excellent transit system to get travelers from the airport to their local destinations?

Your military already has an airfield north of Molento’s downtown. Building extra runways at Molento Intl. for purely military purposes sounds like a massive waste of taxpayer money to me.

I revamped my previously atrocious airport over 3 years ago

Unless Molento, Capitalia is a major global destination and/or serves as the hub for several major airlines, I think five runways is a bit much, especially with a second major airport maybe a fifteen minute drive away. Think of the astronomical maintenance costs the airport would have to cover. Even Dubai International Airport (one of the busiest airports by international passenger movements) gets by with two runways.

I understand that your country loves laissez-faire capitalism, but I doubt there would be any entrepreneurs willing to build an airport of the size you have now. Remember that under capitalism, efficiency is key, and that means doing more with less. As far as airports are concerned, I would expect to see a well-designed terminal and taxiway system to ensure that airports can operate at their maximum capacity (i.e. planes should spend as little time as possible on the runway, and runways should be well-connected to the terminals so that more planes can use the runway per hour). Runways are rather expensive to build and should be built as a last option.

I’d also say your runways should be oriented north-south (or northeast-southwest) since that’s the direction the ocean/land breezes will blow.

1 Year (What a Great Title) over 3 years ago

Happy OGF anniversary, Zekiel! I’m excited to see what you have planned for Bélice this coming year.

Keep up the good work! (Tigeria sends its greetings.)

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities over 3 years ago

It’s a nice power plant, but I do have some remarks about its location that maybe you’ve already considered. The cities of Sansévérina and Troie in Broceliande are about 30 miles away and have between them about a million citizens. Were the plant to have a (rare) meltdown on the scale of Chernobyl or Fukushima, you would have an international crisis on hand. Not only would the millions of Broceliandais have to evacuate, but nearly all of Bélice and a significant portion of Broceliande would be affected by the nuclear fallout. But if that’s a risk Bélice is willing to take, go for it.

Vertbourne Revisited over 3 years ago

Nice work on the river! You may want to consider moving the river north to the bay or moving the bay south to the river so that the river flows into the bay.

From the looks of it, Vertbourne seems to be a quaint town of about 2,000 people. Maybe the Meawley Bypass should have a roundabout at Highway S-54 to strenghten the sense of rurality (if rurality is what you want). Also, the west end of the Vertbourne West Highway looks like a good spot to put a small beach for fishermen to launch their boats to fish.

Keep working on those neighborhoods, and your town will grow bigger in no time!

Vertbourne over 3 years ago

Your Quail neighborhood is a good start; I suggest you keep expanding it. Maybe a creek running through the woods would also add more character to your city.

In general, I’d say keep doing what you’re doing. Your city will grow as your neighborhoods grow, and your neighborhoods grow as you add more streets. Also, I like your thoughtfulness on the services you’re providing already. If you keep adding new housing and a variety of new services as you expand (gas, coffee shops, banks, parks, etc.), I think you’ll be just fine.

Cities tend to grow block by block and neighborhood by neighborhood; if you need inspiration and help with scaling, if often helps to study and model a neighborhood you like. For instance, neighborhoods have several residential streets within them, and often have hundreds of residential units within as well. Each neighborhood or cluster of neighborhoods might be served by an elementary school, and a small city might be served by a high school. Neighborhoods also often have main roads running either through them or along their edges. As more people live in your city, you may eventually need to upgrade your roads.

If you need city to study, I recommend Gobras City in Gobrassanya. It has a good mix of neighborhoods in various stages of development to look at such as the Broad Meadows and Prado Plains neighborhoods here and the Soran and Live Oak neighborhoods here. If you also search the wiki, you can find a lot of other useful guides on mapping your city. Happy mapping!

Hey! over 3 years ago

Hi! You might have noticed the mountain range [here] ( while you were adding the N3 highway. Wouldn’t you say the highway looks too straight for the rugged terrain and too close to the summits of the mountains?

Mountainous roads do exist, and the highway you have drawn isn’t a bad location to put a two-lane mountain road instead. But unless the geography justifies the location of the N3 (maybe the coast is a steep cliff or a large swamp, and a high mountain valley is the preferred route), the N3 probably should be closer to the coast (I’d say at least 15 km from the mountains is good).

Overall, this is a good start. As a tip, I would recommend that you watch your scale as you map (I still struggle with this myself, especially when I draw curves). Your city blocks are decently sized, but your freeway interchanges could be much larger. We can’t have drivers braking too hard as they exit the freeway, can we? XD

Welcome to OGF!