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You need me - if you need to :)

Posted by ddtuga on 11 April 2020 in Portuguese (Português).

Hello everyone,

I’m writting this post so I can let everyone know that during these next days I am making myself available to cooperate with anyone who wishes to complete a project, or start a new one! If it is to fasten your country formation process, to add information about certain topics or creating a language, I can help you with that. In these times of social distancing, the more time I spend doing nothing, the more unuseful I feel. I would like to contribute with my help and knowledge in some areas if you wish and feel confortable doing so.

This includes things as:

  1. Mapping on OpenGeoFiction;
  2. Making vector images of flags, coats of arms, logos, etc.;
  3. Producing content for the Wiki page;
  4. Producing stories and themes for your country;
  5. Creating diagrams and maps for national and/or local transit systems such as metro, highways, rail, etc.;
  6. Anything else.

Feel free to contact me via messages or my direct email:


P.S.: If you want to make yourself clear and question me anything, also feel free to contact me!