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Border Wall over 3 years ago

Hahaha, @UN1TY is right! Nobody would want to go to that country anyway, do it’s a useless wall.

Please some advice. almost 5 years ago

I would first imagine the terrain, create a very detailed coastal area and then imagine how the city would be build from there. In your city, I would use more secondary and tertiary roads and less primary roads.

Also, I’ve seen you’re moving to AR338, close to Neo Delta! Looks like we’re going to be neighbors, welcome! :) Don’t forget to take the cold climate into consideration.

And also take a look at the valuable tips here:

Changes in Vinnmark about 5 years ago

@adminero_us when you became absent for the reasons you mentioned, you chose to make your country collaborative, that was YOUR decision! You could have sent a message to the admin team saying you were going through some difficult times and mapping would be compromised, so they would know and would keep your country there for yourself when you’d come back. That happens all the time, people leave and come back.

Collection of inspiring examples? about 5 years ago

Amazing ideia! Can’t wait to see the the objects. Will we have some kind of voting later? I’ll probably add some stuff :)

Fixing my mistakes, apologies, invitations and thank you's over 5 years ago

Thank you, Eklas, I’m moving the regions to Neo Delta in this moment! :D

Do you think there was ever a moment in the history of Drabantia when a large number of people emigrated to other countries? I think that, if that ever happened, Staré Drahany and Nultá Míle could be two towns founded by Drabantian immigrants in Neo Delta and that way we could have a minimum amount of translation for the names of the places. But of course, some places like the Senát and the ministries will have to change their function.

Fixing my mistakes, apologies, invitations and thank you's over 5 years ago

Hey, Eklas, nice to see the changes! When I moved the capital city of Neo Delta from Delta City to Malojdeh I wasn’t so strong as to let Delta City go… Now I still don’t like that city and I’m not sure on how to make it better without destroying most of it. Maybe that’s the best way to go about it!

I’d love to have Nulta Mile or Stare Drahny to build a city around Ezajun or close to Enkantta, Neo Delta is a pretty multicultural country, so I think it would fit. What do you think?

ISO 3166-1 for OGF? over 5 years ago

We also have this internet codes.

OGF scale tool over 5 years ago

Wow, that’s awesome, very very useful! Thanks for making our lives easier, Thilo, as usual! :D

What happened to Geovision over 5 years ago

As Yuri said, the competition was proposed by Elhádhon, unfortunately, the user of this country has been absent for months. I’ve been thinking of assuming the project since the user seems to have given up OGF, but I want to wait some time to make sure he/she is not returning.

At the same time, the fact that Eurovision is a European competition shouldn’t mean that it is supposed to be a competition only for countries in Uletha. On the opposite, when Geovision was suggested most countries that decided to join were NOT from Uletha. So if the project shall be resurrected, it should respect that.

Of course, if you want to create a project for you continent only, with a different name, it’s totally up to you. I just don’t see a reason why, since it’s clearly a project that is interesting for the whole world.

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #13 - April, 2017 - Better Boundaries, Better Neighbors over 5 years ago

I agree with you, Luciano. Do you think we could maybe try to make the blikis more accessible? I thought of creating a section, maybe on the open page of the main wiki, with the recently updated blikis, so that people could easily access them. Do you think something like that is possible?

Video Conference over 5 years ago

I think some people already tried a google hangout or skype chat in past, didn’t they? I’m in! I think I’d be fun, so let me know if/when it happens!

Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon over 5 years ago

That’s a great idea for an international exposition! I’ll think about something for Neo Delta and send you a message soon! :D

Cruise Lines over 5 years ago

I like the idea, feel free to connect Brugas and Hoppon at any time! The harbor of Taiago is always open to friendly countries! The Iucan harbor is also an option!

Would be a good idea to my countries?? over 5 years ago

Concordo com o Luciano, Bruno! Acho que a mudança pode ser interessante e acredito que o componente indígena possa até continuar, afinal, o “Portugal” de OGF é Florescenta, não é? Assim, Luslandia não precisaria ser 100% portuguesa!

De qualquer forma, eu gosto de Cariocas do jeito que está, não acho que as cidades sejam tão grandes assim, mas se você deseja aumentar o tamanho das cidades, daí realmente acho que vão ficar muito grandes pras ilhas!

New types of 'collaborative' status over 5 years ago

I didn’t quite get the difference between a privately owned and a community-owned territory when it comes to the role of the owner versus the role of the coordinator. In Khaiwoon, for example, the authority to edit comes from isleño, who is listed as the coordinator, or from the “admin” team as a whole, who is listed as the owner? Who should I talk to in such a country? I thought this was a change to organize blue countries and put someone in charge of overseeing them, but they are still listed as “no owner”.

Ordyo-Puntick Metropolis / Going International over 5 years ago

@yuriyhlmacof Sem problemas, quando você constriur a embaixada eu vou dar uma olhada pra ver como ficou! A SWAEA está parada, os outros países membros se envolvem pouco, o único outro membro que ajudava com a página e outros aspectos agora tá ausente, era o dono de Řots. Se você quiser participar mais e tiver ideias, não deixe de entrar em contado ou editar diretamente na wiki! :D

Rethinking my place on OGF over 5 years ago

@skquinn yeah, sometimes it is good to share responsibilities, I’ll keep that in mind! Thank you :)

Let's preserve Suria. over 5 years ago

what* happened

Let's preserve Suria. over 5 years ago

Do we know happened to the former owner?

Rethinking my place on OGF over 5 years ago

Hey, everyone, thank you so much for the nice words.

@martinum4 You didn’t make me feel bad or anything, your post just triggered a feeling that I already had about my own mapping and I decided to open up about it, that’s all, no hard feelings! ;)

@histor and @wangi, I have been doing that recently, checking OSM and the OSM wiki to get familiar with all the tools that are available here at OGF and I’ve learned a lot already. I just don’t think I’ll have much more time to deepen into that world.

@eklas, @portopolis, @joschi81 thank you so much! I admire the work you do, and those compliments coming from you really mean a lot!

@alessa and @luciano, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one questioning myself here! I think this is normal, right? To have doubts regarding what we do…

I don’t intend to leave, right now I’m excited about two projects (the January Islands with Luciano and some minor villages with clik), and I’m always excited about connecting with people. Throughout these last 2 years, I realized that although mapping wasn’t my priority when I found this community, I have enjoyed each city I’ve drawn and I’m more and more into it. I’ll try to balance my time here between mapping, reading, and studying the tools we have to improve on every possible aspect!

Thank you again, folks, it’s been illuminating.