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OGF Population Race Thread II 9 months ago

great but ammirice is missing if you can add it would be great

farms 10 months ago

I understand it but my country is based on Spanish and I think that San Jose would be a common name for a town, in fact I did not even know about the existence of San Jose until you named it good regarding the likelihood I think it is very difficult to put a name to a city and that this does not exist in real life, but it does not matter and change the name

farms 10 months ago

Well, regarding the name of the town, I know that there are many cities with that name, I wasn't going to change it, but to avoid that, I changed the name anyway, thanks for your comment

Cycleways 10 months ago

If these details are usually done when you have a well defined area that would be the last thing I would do in one of my cities because the details are where more time is spent but in the end the result is tailor-made, but following the subject I first would make more city at a medium level to start adding details

Oketia is getting a makeover! 10 months ago

if it looks a little weird but this is how you learn, trial and error and so I continuously erase my territory several times and I feel that every time I do it I improve it even more although I think I would not erase it again hehe, try not to make very straight tracks There are useful tools in Josm for that, I would advise you to define the territory I mean mountains forests valleys rivers etc.

OGF:Mapper's Cup about 1 year ago

I agree with woadwart I think it would be better to do the mapping in your own territory, because when the tournament is over this map would still stand and would not be erased as suggested and as he says who decides what level it is? what is the reference

Feedback on New City Layout about 1 year ago

thank you for answering me @geoboi good whatever it is, I like your mapping continues so you go well

Feedback on New City Layout about 1 year ago

Hi. I love your way of mapping but I have a question, why does such a small country need 3 international airports? I think the rest is very good

Colonist powers over 1 year ago

mm that idea of ​​a colonizing Chinese empire in terephia would be interesting but you would have to link that with the other nations to your alrrededor but I would like to see it

Colonization over 1 year ago I would like to know the history behind the mergany territories that go beyond their borders even from their continent

National Airport Examples?? almost 2 years ago

He refers to regional airports, it's not a big international airport. I guess that's what he's trying to say.

National Airport Examples?? almost 2 years ago

hi on the internet there are many examples usually only consist of 1 or 2 tracks and would not be as big as one international

Detailing is the the craziest part of detailing an OGF map for me almost 2 years ago

I was in the planory wiki and I saw that he said that his estimated population is over 30 million. I wonder how they do in such a small country to live 30 million people

Embassies in Illiria about 2 years ago

And why does not that rule apply in Archanta, which is based in the United States of America? I understand that you have to be original but you seem to only apply for some yes and no others