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OGF Population Race 3 months ago

Nice work. How did you determine the growth rates?

Interesting to see and looks OK for Ataraxia (Ingerish spelling is with an 'a'). Ataraxia would have been relatively closed-minded in the 50s-60s, with growth starting to accelerate as successive PFS & MDNA governments have liberalized immigration laws.

More concerned about Gobrassanya though, which is roughly the size of England. The 80m figure gives Gobrassanya a population density equivalent to Taiwan, 50-60% higher than that of England / the Netherlands / India. We don't have good pop. estimates, but Gobras City looks a lot more like 10m than 20m, so and each of the south coast cities look to me like 1-2 million people each, so hard to see how to get to 80m. Would be more realistic to me in the 30-60m range.

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! about 2 years ago

Oh, hah good point. In that case, I should go map some nuclear reactors next to Kojo and Wiwaxia then ;)

Mapper's Challenge #16 - December 2017 - Power! Unlimited Power! about 2 years ago

^^ Nuclear power plants are typically thought of as "sensitive" sites and would be unlikely to be placed so close to national borders

Cycling provision in OGF cities over 2 years ago

The Gobras City cycle map makes sense, given the concentration of metro lines around Lamme/GSWX and soooo maaaany highways, each with express/HOT lanes in the eastern suburbs. I would expect some American-style auto oriented sprawl to fill in the gaps in the East (although there are a lot of commuter rail lines to contend with too).

I wonder what kind of political divides are on display within the National Capital District elections as well? ;)

Ataraxia is a medium-cycling country, not cycle crazy and really depends city by city. Ataraxia City is spread out for a large metro, with bikes not practical to cover long distances and a few large bodies of water to cross depending on your point of origin. Fenelec has a lot of bike infrastructure, including a cycleway along the Coronado River crossing the entire metro area, despite being in foothills which makes cycling in some neighborhoods difficult.

Ataraxia is a signatory to global environmental initiatives, but believes we should deeply study the economic impacts of proposed remedies or regulations before taking any drastic actions ;)

Unity in Diversity - the UAC (Ulethan Alliance for Culture) almost 3 years ago

Ataraxia would like to submit an application

Turtlefruits DO GO on Pizacyros!!!: The resolution! almost 3 years ago

Meanwhile in Ataraxia and in light of the alarming results of this case, the People's Orthodox Party is introducing a new bill in the People's Council of the Federation to strengthen religious liberties laws against parody religions.

The current government led by the center-left Social Federalist Party is not likely to bring the bill to a vote, but given the political activism of organized religion in Ataraxia, it could very well pass and become law.

Turtlefruits DO GO on Pizacyros!!! (funny news article) almost 3 years ago

Just to comment that this was legit funny...

Area size calculator almost 3 years ago

Hello good people of OGF,

What a wonderful tool!

One question though - there appear to be discrepancies between the OGF:Area Table ( and the relation tool above - for relations that I haven't touched in months

Orléanais Province - Relation 8180 - Area Table: 4343.09 sqkm Relation tool: 4332.19

Ardoise Province - Relation 8177 - Area Table: 4496.37 sqkm Relation tool: 4485.54 sqkm

Which is more accurate?

Discrepancy seems to increase towards the equator, 0.20% off for my northernmost province and 0.32% off for my southernmost province

"Protecting" Tarott - or: Re-thinking "definite" landscapes in OGF almost 3 years ago

I like the interesting change to one of the largest established cities at OGF.

Like Sarepava, the motorway connection in the west jumped out at me at first. But I think the marsh-y bay/inlet west of Freschel would get little to no shipping traffic as currently set up. So it could be realistic to link the Wendtbrohn peninsula via a direct causeway to Gross Nedern while moving the motorway tunnel slightly east (closer to Loy) and creating a "Y" bridge (or bridge-tunnel) that would be more convenient for everyone.

Mahhal: is the latitude problem a "dealbreaker"? about 3 years ago

To express a dissenting opinion, I have thought for some time that Derindonderak (perhaps independent of Mahhal, perhaps not) lacked some verisimilitude for being such a large city at such a high latitude. Most large cities are trading cities with a large/decently populated hinterland (domestic or through trade) or have a substantial rural/agricultural population to support the urbanites.

Would Derindonderak/Mahhal have populous neighbors/natural resources to support this sort of coherent development? Especially if it was a large city before the development of international trade and containerized shipping?

That said, our OGF world is lacking for so much detailed (and high quality) mapping that we shouldn't lose any of it at all!

Struggles with density, undersized Freedemian cities. over 3 years ago

You may not need to make the built-up area very wide if you have a good geographic reason.

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach area is not very wide but stretches for 50+ miles along the coast for a 5-6 million person metro area.

So may be a guide for you, but they have swamps in their back yard.

Update over 3 years ago

Very neat!

Geolliance over 3 years ago

Testing a map of long-haul flights by Air Ataraxie. Excludes short-haul and domestic. Seems similar in breadth to current KLM or Air France networks from respective hubs.



Geology of OGF over 3 years ago

I was kind of hoping divergent.. I think convergent in the map you drew means mountains through the center of Ataraxia which is not exactly what I had in mind ;) (maybe if it corresponded to the mountain range at the northern border of Ataraxia/Kojo it could fit)

Geolliance over 3 years ago

Hope I am not to late to the party

WorldStar is another global alliance with Air Ataraxie as a founding member.

Air Ataraxie has long-haul service to 5-10 destinations per continent (Archanta, Tarephia, Antarephia, NW Uletha) and most major cities in nearby countries in SE Uletha (map forthcoming). We welcome airlines from all over OGF.

Flyht Myrcia + Pinterest over 3 years ago


In addition to identifying the biggest hubs, I think we should also have airline alliances as in the real world (though not sure if this is too advanced given the number of active users).

So that if there are 3 global alliances of flag carriers, Air Ataraxie, Air Wiwaxia and KojAir all belong to separate alliances. Therefore, there will still be a reason to have some long-haul international and intercontinental flights from all 3 capitals, just in different proportions. Some from Kippa connect through Ataraxia City and some from Fenelec connect through Pyingshum.

Flyht Myrcia + Pinterest over 3 years ago

I think I would like to add Air Ataraxie flights from Ataraxia International to Dunwic - but could be Flyht Myrcia, up to you.

I estimate a 7,275 km / 8h50 flight from Ataraxia City, so reasonable and shorter than your current longest flight to Latina.

RE: Leowezy - Would be good to have some superregional hubs. I would like to nominate Ataraxia City, but happy to discuss. I think Ataraxia City is within a 14-hr flight of most of the mapped world, and most of the new continents as well (Orano, Ereva, Pelanesia).

RE: Gobras City vs. Khaiwoon - which one would be the major hub for this region? At first, I thought Khaiwoon was the Singapore equivalent (making Gobras City the equivalent to Kuala Lumpur).

Geology of OGF over 3 years ago

What does the red represent Alejandro24? Divergent boundaries / Rifts?

Golden Delta Film Festival over 3 years ago

FILM: L'Été Dernier À Marienbad (Last Summer in Marienbad)

GENRE: Horror / Fantasy

MAIN ACTOR: Zacharie Cosseux



SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Susanne McMurray (Wiwaxia)

MUSIC: Avant l'Aube (Before Dawn, instrumental)

DIRECTOR: Rolande Mahurin (First horror movie nomination by female Ataraxian director)

SYNOPSIS: A group of friends from the Université du Val-de-Marien in Stanleyville goes camping / hunting for a weekend in the Domaine National du Penaigre near Marienbad. They soon find themselves hunted, perhaps by a mythical creature that is said to inhabit the swamps / wetlands of the national park. Losing track of time, direction and reality, they are drawn deeper into the swamp by the strange and grotesque clues they find. The experience leads to existential questions - Can they trust each other, or even their own senses? Is the beast real or a fiction of their imaginations? Will they make it out alive?

COUNTRY: Ataraxia

Realistic highway interchanges over 3 years ago

Hehe I tried to create a bit of a mess at the A75 / A77 / Feneix Gateway Airport interchange north of Fenelec (map)

Great inspiration! Hope to make more soon!