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Territory was griefed, but I was never told? about 2 months ago

Someone messed with my borders too. I just found it today. Idk how to report it but once I figure out who I need to report it to, I plan to.

Sotagnà, Nova Calabria 9 months ago

Thanks guys. I'm really only doing it early so I can go in and map accordingly but I don't know enough about how far up mountains would need to go in a tropical type climate. I don't plan to exceed 3-4k feet but if I could get snow that low or even a tree line, I would map that mainly to help later on. Calabria is just a name for now, I'll probably base a new name eventually on somewhere in Ispellia.

Sotagnà, Nova Calabria 9 months ago

I worded it wrong when I said I don't have nations around me. I don't have nations around me who have given their areas specific climates or readings on temperatures, such as San Marcos to the north of me or the nations south of me.

Ketonha Island Republic over 1 year ago

I've tried to contact the admins. I've had no response from the admins since October.