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Mapping Sirassa about 1 year ago


perfect, thank you!

I’m glad that i’m not alone having thought to that method to naming places. So, your feedback is welcome!

Furthermore, let me to congratulate you for the great level of likelihood in your territory. the city shapes are perfect and the aspect of countrysides around the urban center is also great!

Mapping Sirassa about 1 year ago

Ah, sorry: in Sirassa too there will be some street with names of the main OGF places. It will not be the rule like in Giliarca, but I think that can be an element of likelihood, in fact, it’s not strange that in a country two cities have streets with the same name. Both In NY and in Washington D.C. there is a street called “Pennsylvania Avenue”… and it’s only one of 100.000 possible examples in RW. Only: in Sirassa this will be not the main method.

Mapping Sirassa about 1 year ago

Ehy, thank you everyone. Your feedbacks are very very precious.


about Giliarca street names: I hadn’t really thought about it in the key (very good) that you suggested, i.e. that the street names with cities and people that are no more in the maps and in the wiki can be a kind of “historical memory”… so, I would like to reassure everyone: no name of street/square in Giliarca will be ever deleted or changed :-)

About Sirassa (new city) street names. Effectively, if posed the question, it was because I was very few convinced by the “assonance method”. So, I’ve decided: I will listen to your advice, I will use the fantasy name generator suggested by Lithium-Ion . It’s perfect.

But I will keep some name (few, only near the old centre) created with the assonance method, like a sort of hidden “signature” of myself, but with attention to keep it as an exception, and to not have names too similar to the real ones (it could be seen as a typo): they will be as much clearly fantasy-names.

Thank you very much!

A new OGF about 1 year ago

OGF is currently in the fullness of its evolution: it’s not ended, there are parts of the world perfectly mapped and other that are to be mapped . In my country I mapped the most of the territory and the main city two years ago, but I’m starting now to map a new city. I don’t understand this proposal. I think It cab be only a joke…

I'm back. about 1 year ago

Many thanks to all of you.

Sarepava: about the street names: mmmh, I don’t remember the reason I dedicated some streets in Giliarca only to minor karolian cities, effectively it’s strange (maybe I toke the names from some alphabetical list on the wiki: sometime I did it). So: I can rename some street in Giliarca or (better) give the name of the main karolian cities to some street in Sirassa, the new city I’m start mapping.

Waheed: about your question (how to start mapping?): I’m not an administrator, but a simple user. I think you can fint all information in the wiki, so you can study the situatin and start mapping pursuiving the rules. Welcome!

My first international airport about 3 years ago

It seems to me really excellent, with a high level of likelihood, and with excellent proportions.

A single tip regarding the mapping: for the fingers I would not use the “path” tool that does not fall within the standards, but simply rectangles with the “building” tool, as also happens regularly in OSM (see eg the JFK just to say one of all).

It must be thin building rectangles, which can be extensions of the existing building but also autonomous rectangles attached to it, if this simplifies the work.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? over 3 years ago

I also don’t argue if it’s an admin’s choice ! I thought it was the rash choice of a user. But I also think that the implications are many. For example, in the wiki there are many references to the “Liberian Peninsula” (starting from the page dedicated to the Union of the Liberian Peninsula). Can we change them all? However, really nothing to say to the administrators, we would miss anything else; I just have to thank them for what they do. Mine are just reflections.

Merry Christmas! A question: How can we monetize geofiction? over 3 years ago

I believe that the problem is on the one hand ethical, on the other legal-contractual.

OpenGeofiction maps, as the “Open” prefix says, and as indicated in the page on legal issues, are released with a Creative Commons license by-nc-sa (which is the same as OpenStreetMap from which it is derived) which is free and includes among the clauses that each of its derivations it must always be so (“share alike” clause), and that any commercial use is forbidden (“non-commercial” clause).

This is because OpenGeofiction responds to a precise philosophy, that of Open Source and Creative Commons, which has the gratuitousness and openness among its key points.

If someone wants to monetize, they must create their own work from scratch, which has nothing to do with OpenGeoFiction, and which has a commercial license.

How long does it take to develop a good city over 3 years ago

austinhuang, I was going to say it … thanks! Exactly two years. Maybe it could be that I took longer than normal with Giliarca, but a good year for a detailed city, in my opinion it takes.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? over 3 years ago

I hadn’t noticed, because I’m in a (hopefully short) period of rest after two years of intense mapping. But I would like to know more. I don’t think it’s allowed by the guidelines to turn a peninsula into an island. Who knows something?

Giliarca wiki page (maybe coming soon), twitter profile (already online) and other... over 3 years ago

MOI N, These are the Cookin ‘Pizza stores that are in Giliarca, mapped after your DM a few days ago.

Giliarca, finally. over 3 years ago

MrOobling, Thanks! If I understand correctly, I should make the airport highway junction more interconnected with the entire network of industrial roads around it. You’re right: now that junction connects the two highways but it’s too “isolated” from the overall road network. I will try to create a more fluid and interconnected junction. Relatively to the north junction, unfortunately the link is not correct: there is twice that of the airport. If you send it to me, I can evaluate how to fix it.

Giliarca, finally. over 3 years ago

Thank you all for the kind words.

zhenkang: of course you can come and visit Giliarca whenever you want, either privately or on an official visit.

MOI N: your observation on parking lots deserves rightly an analysis. As you can see there is a good density of parking lots in the central area, but actually the density decreases a lot in the northern area. This is an area of recent urbanization (after 1990), which means that it is much easier to have parking spaces in the basement floors of the buildings. However, it is also more normal for there to be free areas for open-air parking. So I’ll add it immediately.

FSA Mapping Challenge - Capital Cities almost 4 years ago

Hi. I’m Not a FSA member: Gardensa is a sovereign country in south-west Uletha. But if I understand well, I can partecipate (If I can’t: sorry, please ignore this post…).

So, in the Capital Giliarca there are:

(n.b. the official residence of the President is in an apartment in the top floor of the Government building).


How many inhabitants? about 4 years ago


thanks for the estimate of the population, and ok to reduce the subyay lines; I was perplex too, I had exaggerated. I do it immediately.

How many inhabitants? about 4 years ago

Dear all,

really many useful elements and criteria have emerged. I would exclude too high and too low estimates. One consideration is that Giliarca does not fall into the category of European cities but in that of European-like cities in tropical areas (as I already did, in RW the Spanish-style Habana and the Portuguese-Macau style are among the closest examples, but there they are also other models).

relatively to the extent, we have to consider that Giliarca is a commercial city but also very tourist (for the beaches in the north and for those a little more distant in the forests), so there are strong flows of non-resident population.

having said this, I am orienting myself to estimate a stable population between 900000 and 1200000 inhabitants. But in the next period, thanks to the methods you have suggested to me, I will make more scientific estimates. (and, maybe, I will contact the offices of the Municipality directly at

How many inhabitants? about 4 years ago

Several elements are emerging, different but useful. In the end, I’ll make a summary. In the meantime, a few more indications.

Giliarca is a tropical city of non-tropical derivation, with elements typical of the cities distant from which its first inhabitants come.

In this it has different correspondences in RW, in particular, the Giliarcan historical centre in “European” style is similar to a synthesis between:

Outside the old town, the rest of the city is more standard, reminiscent of typical tropical cities with squared quarters. It still remembers Cuba but it is richer, because it has not had very long periods of dictatorship. But the modern part looks more like the cities of Southeast Asia, with a fair number of tall buildings and some very tall skyscrapers, in particular:

Finally, its being an isolated city in a language of the earth, reminds perhaps more Honolulu, but this is a geographical issue, different; we will talk about it.

Well, I hope we now have a few more elements to quantify the population.

How many inhabitants? about 4 years ago

I certainly take your comments into account. But I see it as slightly bigger (not much bigger).

Let’s see some comparisons with RW cities that have analogies for latitude or for general conditions.

Giliarca vs La Habana, 2.125.320

Giliarca vs Macau, 650.900

Giliarca vs Honolulu, 402.500

Giliarca vs Managua, 1.033.662

Giliarca vs Barcelona, 1.620.343

Giliarca vs Caracas, 1 942 652

Giliarca vs Panama City, 880.691

Ultimately, from the overall comparisons, I would slightly raise the estimates you have made so far.

Toponymy and verisimilitude about 4 years ago

zhenkang, according to the law of Gardensa, the temple is admitted only as a place of prayer, and human sacrifices are forbidden. you can enter the temple only if it is an aseptic building. if then inside they happen clandestine activities, it is another discourse that does not concern the mapping.

Toponymy and verisimilitude about 4 years ago

zhenkang :

That’s great. Good work. I fixed the disposition and the names of the streets.

Add also the temple by yourself: but it must not occupy a total of more than a square of 100 meters per side.

Then it will be all right so: for the moment I ask you not to do any other intervention besides this, I’ll develop the mapping of the neighborhood.