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Tips on Montecari about 1 year ago

I really appreciate the super helpful tips. Ernest, if you see anything in Montecari or Aludres that you know you can fix, please be my guest.

Weekly Word #1 about 1 year ago

Also, how will the winner be announced?

Weekly Word #1 about 1 year ago

Thanks so much @niels20020 !

Weekly Word #1 about 1 year ago

Hey Niels,

I want to submit something.

You can find it here. It is called Equality Park in Montecari, Leresso. This park was built around the idea that we are all humans, and there should be no discrimination of race, gender, or sexual orientation. On one of the memorial walls, the words "yahyom et yahyom" is etched into the stone. Underneath, it says "Love is Love" in Ingerish. Yahyom et yahyom means Love is Love in Everian. Underneath the Ingerish translation is "Love is Love" in every known language. Surrounding that is the names of every single LGBTQ+ identifying person killed in hate crimes across the country of Leresso. It stands as a beacon of hope for all those who will come, by remembering those who came before.

I really hope you like it.

someone please help me about 1 year ago

provinces is what I am trying to create. I just have so much trouble with multiple relations for one line. Can you help Aces California?

Welstand-Westrijk rebuilt about 1 year ago

I would love an embassy! and so excited for your geolympic journey!!!!


Can someone advise population estimate of Manchester? about 1 year ago

225k to 275k looks right

Archanta flooded again? about 1 year ago

yup. definitely flooded. Poor Coral City is underwater.

Embassy Space Available in Aludres over 1 year ago

Thank you so much!

A little dilemma over 1 year ago

i am trading it for a smaller territory that I love already, so I can do more by myself instead of building off of other people's work. i barely did anything in that country.