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iD performance over 1 year ago

Maybe JOSM are the better soloution - I think there are a lot of mappers using ID as editor in the past. The “old” ID was a very comfortable tool - the “new” ID to me looks poor. So I think, there can be an update of ID very helpful.

Stanton Partial Redo about 2 years ago

As the FSA-project started some years ago, Stanton should be in a “new-yorkish” style and mostly BMSOUZA and I design it so. Other FSA-towns are designed in “chicagoish” style - and nobody has a problem with this.

O.k. - if now a lot of people mean, it is necessary to change the trim of the town, it is not more my problem. Future will show us, if you design a better showcase. Good luck.

Is it not funny, to change what is - instedad of making some new things? There is so many white space in the FSA, blind endings of rails, motorways and roads - worth of work in first line.

And - at last - not only one time in the past I ask for devellopers for Stanton and New Carnaby and only few user will be engaged. So then now you can be happy, that a lot of people will dig in the area of Stanton.

Stanton Partial Redo about 2 years ago

You are funny people. There is so many empty space, but you have to do nothing else as playing with what soon is mapped? I hope, you did not lost your energy after the start.

Several Questions over 2 years ago

On ID-editor you have the STR-i function for measurement. For detailling mapping the ID-editor is usefull.

OGF-Wiki over 2 years ago

@ MisterBean: You can not “move the whole thing” because it is not yours. It is the project of Thilo - and you only are partizipicing without any paying. He has the copyright of the name “OpenGeoFiction” and the shape of the continents (as example) and is owner of the webside.

The only thing you can do is set up an similair project with an other name.

Deleted over 2 years ago

From me also best luck to you.

Is our carto style different from OSM's? over 2 years ago

In the histor-style in the spring 2020 I copied most of symbols from OSM in an actual design and bind in several new symbols (most for shops). But Luciano is right - this is an independent process.

For new and actual symbols you need not only the symbol itself in the symbol-file of the style, but sure there are to made changings of the code necessary in the files, in which the symbol is defined in connection with the tagging. But this code-changings are relative easy.

Is our carto style different from OSM's? over 2 years ago

O.k. - if a “symbol” in a style has no individual description for its mapping, we get this “common symbol” - p.e. in brown for restaurants, bars, cafés or pubs or in purple for shops.

Is our carto style different from OSM's? over 2 years ago

Icons in OGF-rendering most are 16 to 16 pixel, may be sometimes up to 24 pixel - in the histor-style some are 1818 instead of 16 * 16. Why do you think, there are 33-pixel symbols?

GESF declares bankruptcy almost 3 years ago

Well - in one point Mstr is right: To draw rails in a rought draft may be a first step of mapping, but nevertheless it is not many more work to set - let us say - five nodes for a softer curve as only one for this zig-zag-line. Yes - The first mapper has the pleasure to set the line with its few nodes and later mappers then may do the work to smooth the curves. That I think is a very egoistic sight of the things.

Spot Lights and Red Carpets Here, Cinasia's Movie Industry almost 3 years ago

Like the studios of Khaiwoon [] you may have a “western” complex or “roman” area or some beaches for romantic movies.

Hello! almost 3 years ago

May it be that your cliffs show in the wrong direction? Correction is easy: only change the direction of the way.

Change of the shape of San Marcos almost 3 years ago

So seen - I like both horns and this at Alhozeimas is characteristic for the bight of Latina. Therefore my private meaning is, let stay this horn.

Coastlines almost 3 years ago

If we speak of this: Here I miss the update of Topo-style in zoom-level 9 to 11

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer almost 3 years ago

What about this fence? [] ?

P.S: Sorry - the tree-row technical are not parallel lines, but a line of repeated symbols - the “symbol” is the tree. But this “pattern in a row”-methode allows only to repeat the same pattern along a line.

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer almost 3 years ago

The “treeline” is a bunch of several parallel lines, dotted in differnet manner. This is inside the limit of the style-software (See the casing and filling of streets or railways).

But at ready drawn football-fields and this in different orientation in the room and exactly 100 to 65 m to draw only with a symbol the style-software come to its limits. You can only draw one “standard-field” and copy and move it with JOSM. The same with isometric objects - the style software knows only points, lines, areas, text and no combined lines like a scetch.

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer almost 3 years ago

May be for fence a dotted line is more helpful?

Kerbs not showing on the Standard Layer almost 3 years ago

The “histor-style” differs only between “barrier = embankement”, “barrier = hedge” and other “barrier = something”. For the third in zoom 16 to 19 the style-software let draw a black line, broad half a pixel.

Odesa... almost 3 years ago

Whow - Stalin and Kalinin stii have fans …

Strait between San Marcos and Brasonia almost 3 years ago

Yes - I remember: The first long shipping line was from Porto Colon to first Port (in this time Khaiwoon was only a white island)