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Strait between San Marcos and Brasonia about 3 years ago

I do not think you get new friends, if you delete this shipping-lines. Yes - like Gibraltar this strait is heavy busy. A lot of OGF-user here draw its lines. And to draw such line, it needs some work.

The second is, that there are works in progress, to unitify parallel lines to one “main” shipping line. So please wait, til this work is done.

And third: A plan was, to show this lines only in the histor-style and not in the standard-style. In the standard-style only the “real” ferry-line should be to see. But to do so, there is more changings in the software necessary as only in the style-files. So please be patient.

Relations aren't fixing about 3 years ago

Why not read [] ?

Constructive Criticism- we need to do better at the constructive part about 3 years ago

As Toadwart wrote: It is a difference, if someone maps without asking others or if someone ask in the forum or diary for feedback. If someone ask for feedback it can be possible, that the feedback is realistic - means, that the comment declare clear heavy mistakes (as too small curves at railways, to much motorways, spaghetti-junctions, no rectangled houses and other beginner mistakes). I think, in OGF are many examples of better mapping and a beginner can see, what is important, before asking for feedback.

Sure you can use friendly words - but why not say, what is wrong?

Rama city centre about 3 years ago

Not bad at all. But why no shops, no restaurants, bars, cafés? This you can add to your town.

Can't edit a pesky road going through Oketia about 3 years ago

To edit you have to catch a node of the line. May be at this straight line nodes are only at the end of this line, so please look there.

Special transport corridor in the Oggensejen estuary, southeastern Medwedia about 3 years ago

You will tell me seagoing ships go this long and winding river up to Uleroland?

Special transport corridor in the Oggensejen estuary, southeastern Medwedia about 3 years ago

HMM - why should any seagoing ship use this border strip? There is no port at the end as target. So I think - what do this 40 ships a day there? Sightseeing?

South of Marvin (Beach area) Feedback over 3 years ago

Whow - pretty railway curves …. []

Country Idea: Dedos Piedra over 3 years ago

Yes, the romantic pirates … Seemed to me more realistic, one seapower in the near sails with some ships to the islands and take it over

Geofiction in OSM over 3 years ago

But this bridge is real [] - I drive about with a bus. And here [] you have a model of the town 1:1000 - where you can identify all houses (so your hotel etc.)

Phoenix-New Master Plan over 3 years ago

By building the canal. I was the first autor in this area. So I take the freedom to delete some rails I draw years ago to give Phoenix a better chance to devellop. I think, most of the town can be deleted, but there are some old embassies direct at the river, which should survive.

What also should be deleted are the silly circles in Guntrum- who ever has drawn them.

A proposal for blue countries' capital over 3 years ago

Sure Phoenix / Arizona is a real-life name. But named by an common mythologican bird. So here is not important Phoenix / Arizona, but the mythological bird. This name can be used everywhere and I think, on real earth are 1000 places named Phoenix. It is a trivial name like “Prettybeach” or “Ashhill”

A proposal for blue countries' capital over 3 years ago

Phoenix is a common name for a special bird and has its special meaning, to stay up and fly away after burning as a sign of hope. Plays a great role in the Harry Potter story, as you know.

So Phoenix / Arizona is not the original of this name, but only one of many towns and places carry this name of hope. Therefore I think Phoenix / Mecyna can behold the name.

A proposal for blue countries' capital over 3 years ago

Yes - in Mecyna is a lot of unrealistic mapping, so good luck.

** But please do not change the Canal of Mecyna as important seaway-connection. **

My eyes over 3 years ago

And what about a Ferry from Prood Eran to Bric Treuh with a streetcar-connection at both sides? (And yes, I have seen the Butallas-Street - thanks)

My eyes over 3 years ago

Well - Bremen has some more as 5 streetcar-lines, as I remember. But for Rasmus town a strretcar-net seemes the better soloution as this two subway-lines.

Changing of histor-style - the 3rd over 3 years ago

@ Zhenkang = that means, that “spur” shall announce a smaller gauge. The lines on the map are thick only few pixel (or parts of a pixel) - so I think, this 1.000-spur tracks must be very thin, to see a difference to the normal spur. And I am not sure, that the renderer will take a tag like “spur=1000” or “spur=1435” from the database. In other words: Few to see, but a lot of work to realize it not only in the style itself, but in the background also. But sure, theoretical it is possible.

Changing of histor-style - the 3rd over 3 years ago

You can differ between “main” (in red), “local” (in green - means commuter in english) and “freight” (in sierra.brown), if you tag this as service=xxxx additional to railway=rail. Also there are the other usual service tags possible as spur, siding etc. If you tag no additional main, local or freight, your railway will appear in the usual gray of the standard-style. Please see []

There is a bug with the colours in the moment, if your rails are in a tunnel - I work at this,

My eyes over 3 years ago

Your town-center looks fine. A lot of details.

But what about this subway-loop of 35 m? Good luck! [].

Changing of histor-style - the 3rd over 3 years ago

@ iiEarth: Hmm, how many bus-lines you will have in your town? This system of coloured lines is state of the art 1870. I do not think, this can be a good soloution for today (sorry to Washington and its subway system).

@ austinhuang: Let me try with “route”, but this needs some time.