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Christism in OGF about 1 year ago

Lithium is correct.

Buddhism = Dharmapala Judaism = Ibryim Islam = Imani

Hinduism has no name as of now.

town disappears at higher zoom levels over 1 year ago

It seems to be a problem with the renderer; your town, roads, still exist, but the site isn’t able to render them. It should fix itself soon, but recently there have been some minor problems (which was fixed) so things should be getting better soon.

Hip Hop in Kojo over 1 year ago

Kojo is not your territory, please try not to make some other country’s lore

Coronavirus around fictional world over 1 year ago

COVID-19 is not part of our canon history, no need for hypotheses.

Mapping 3rd World Countries over 1 year ago

Where is this island nation?

Islands over 1 year ago

Hi, you technically don’t own your territory because you haven’t sent the request again. Please do so to avoid any issues with admin

Feedback on Schools & Industrial Road Sizing Gaps almost 2 years ago

I suggest looking at OSM and use the scale helper to get inspiration.

Unnecessary boundary relations? almost 2 years ago

I think you somehow duplicated the country relation, so you should be able to delete, but I’d wait for admin approval


Maybe delete and then reinstall whatever browser you use for OGF?

A new place about 2 years ago

Ohesia is a collab, were you given permission to edit there?

Orlans Valley about 2 years ago

There’s even a Herpes, I don’t think a reason is needed to rename that

Why is Archanta underwater? over 2 years ago

Coastline broke, the reason why not all tiles are showed as flooded is probably because it’s a massive continent.

Introducing: Deodeca over 2 years ago

2.) I was in a discussion about languages that would be used in Deodeca and Tito said that the south (AR060-06 region) would be some sort of native haven. Spanish would spread out from Deodeca, as was agreed by surrounding users. Dutch was also suggested due to the border with Ambroisie but Tito pointed out that the border regions of Ambroisie were using some sort of Iberian language. Don’t know about the usage of French.

Mazan over 2 years ago

@UN1TY stjur officially resigned from his post as an admin a few days ago.

just a meme to lighten up the mood over 2 years ago

Hi, please don’t use User Diaries for this.

North Archanta language translations over 2 years ago

I could help with renaming some places in the territories assigned with Dravidian languages.

North Archanta language translations over 2 years ago

^Ignore the ‘how’.

North Archanta language translations over 2 years ago

The plan looks good, but I’m not sure about how mixing Dravidian with Chinese.

GESF declares bankruptcy almost 3 years ago

The Government of the Federal States has been receiving many complaints about a place called Ann’harbor, saying that this place should not have ‘one airport, forget two’, and if such a place can have airports, so should small towns in the mountains or lonely villages on the shores of the Lakes. To add on, they say that an empty place should not be served by three motorways, and instead the motorways could be utilized in a much better way.

You may reply with something similar to ‘it’s a rough draft’, but, I got to say, so are these rails. Do you think that the coordinators of 31 made the railways on these maps final? I believe not, since most of the ‘things’ in 31 are rough. This is because they are preparing to open 31 for everyone. They are not expected to do all of the work; they are expected to supervise the area.

I agree with yoyo; your user diary is ridiculous. The point for the user diaries’ existence is for mappers to ask for help, or to showcase something— not to embarrass others.

If you are still not satisfied, please privately message the coordinators instead of calling them out just to shame them.

My Experience with the Unofficial OGF Discord. almost 3 years ago

I do not think that anyone forced JOSM on you.

It was merely suggested. The fact that it was suggested a lot just meant that everything can be created efficiently and better if you use JOSM.

As an iD user, people have suggested using JOSM to me, but never forced it.

I do admit that making fun of Nipewa may have gone overboard, but you didn’t react great either.

You asked for suggestions in mapping, and some of us may have been a bit rude in our comments, but you have also created drama in such situations. To fight fire with fire did not improve any situation. You sometimes easily become offended, and even when you notice that people are repeatedly pointing out the same mistake(s), you tend to ignore it and instead get angry at those people.

Another thing which you do is ragequit. You sort of accept your mistakes, but you make it extreme, like when a person pointed out that a specific motorway was unnecessary, and instead of just saying ‘no’ or agreeing, you started deleting multiple motorways in Nipewa in order to make them feel guilty (?).

Another thing which I do admit to is how people (sometimes me) can be rude. But we didn’t suddenly become rude; we reacted.

Anyways, I apologize if I had caused any inconvenience in your time in the Discord. I have made some mistakes. Others have made some mistakes. I, nor will anybody else, force any idea on you, like using JOSM or deleting your motorways. If you’d like to join the server again, you can go to my profile page in OGF and see the invite.