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Country Approval 3 months ago

If you are going to map in a US style maybe you should consider AR120

Hey! 4 months ago

Here are some more racetracks Carsile Raceway, Hurnon Curcuit and a touring car championship

I'm back! 4 months ago

Top 10 posts that I have read before

Latest additions in Gardensa 4 months ago

I have placed a Bank of Auleus here, it may not have updated yet

Tenders Open for Saviso Cricket Ground 5 months ago

Yeah ovals are really hard to build, I have tried a method of multiple circles and some lines to connect them, which is a pretty hit and miss, however, the grandstands are just really hard to make look realistic.

Also, Saviso is amazing.

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 7 months ago



Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 8 months ago

I think that we should just ignore the western hemisphere for the while because otherwise even with all the planning it will just mean we end up with two unfinished areas instead of one

Verisimilitude on a global level: on the ever-growing number of small States 8 months ago

If we want large countries developed quickly, a method could be making them blue sandbox countries for some time and then given to an experienced user to fix up, this could be done with Commonia

How do you do these?? 9 months ago

In ID (the default editor) place a point in the centre your town

Search town in the categories of the types of points

Name point


School is Here Once Again! 9 months ago

Lol, school just ended for me

Embassy 9 months ago

Can the Aulean Confederation also have an embassy in your nation and I will build one in Auleus for you

Weekly Word #9 11 months ago

One day to go

Weekly Word #9 11 months ago


Weekly Word #8 11 months ago

I made this it's not finished or very good but it's an entry.

Complicated Interchange I made 11 months ago

Your nationwide motorway system needs rationalisation. Firstly every motorway that is east of the F7 from the northern border to the F8, and the F8 to the F5 and then north of the F5, all of these motorways need to be downgraded to either highways or primary roads because there are too many of them. The F202 and CV3 should be deleted. The F5 west of the AR3 should be downgraded to a primary road. The F7 between the F8 and F4 should be deleted. The F4's western end should be near International City and the remains the western remains should be downgraded to a primary road. Island City doesn't need a Motorway. F10 north of the F5 should be deleted as it is to close to F8. The Iklande bypass should also be deleted for the time being as Iklande doesn't exist. Then what is left of F7, F8, F10 should be merged into one highway with some realignment and one code maybe F2 but idk.

This is just my opinion on what you should do feel free to disagree.

New City 11 months ago

Is this actually it. I hope you improve massively in a week before you inevitably claim a country.

Who did this? 12 months ago

I presume it is tommypoo and you probably agreed to have a Wynotian embassy in your country a while ago (FYI a high commission is basically an embassy)

Weekly Word #5 12 months ago

Ok, this isn't very good but this is commemorative area to the military Battle of Kattarn

Just gonna make a summer travel journal rating stuff. If you want your country in it, reply saying yes 12 months ago


Too much for one to edit alone. 12 months ago

And you have also got the names of Australian states as names for your roads this violates one of the rules "No extensive copying of real world geography. Try to avoid using well-known place names, real or fictional. No real world companies or organizations."