Announcing a well-coordinated collaborative status for Erfeldia, Garlis, Kalm, and Ventria

Posted by joschi81 on 18 October 2020 in English (English).


Dear mappers,

I recently took the decision to turn my countries into a well-coordinated collaborative status in the beginning of 2021. I have to much land and by far not enough time.

As the wiki is not loading here, I can’t create a wiki page for that right now. But here are some important points.

  • I have many ideas for many parts of the country, that are not yet mapped. So in any case, any cooperation would require the willingness of the respective user to discuss things in advance and to adapt things if they don’t fit into my “mental map” of the respective country.
  • Every region has a different mapping status, so there are regions where I still would have to outline some basic features before someone can work there. This also results in the allowance to map only general features in a smaller zoom level or only detailed features in a larger zoom level.
  • There will be a very strict application procedure for interested users, e.g. the need to create some examples of mapping that fits into the respective country in a selected “testing area” (where it might be removed if it doesn’t reach the needed standards). There will be a testing phase and a well regulated approval procedure of changes.
  • [tbc]

In a dedicated section of my user page in the wiki I will present some tasks where people apply to. Examples:

  • Motorway/national road numbers for Kalm
  • More natural looking waterway connection between the Hesperic Ocean and the Vinn Sea
  • Create a nice and natural looking coastline
  • Help with mountainous regions (I’m not very god at it)
  • Help with other natural features (nice looking rivers, lakes, etc.)
  • Map the city of Herlenz
  • Continue the work on the Kelmtal region, Kalm’s Ruhr area

The other way round users can contact me poiting out their interest for any collaboration. This can be anything, of course - and we will have to discuss, if it’s possible and what the rules are.

Anyone who is interested in this can already comment here. Please start your comment with

**collaboration interest**

Other comments such as opinions on this idea or proposals on how to realise it are welcome as well!

Looking forward to more activity within “my” countries.

Kind regards

Comment from Tito_zz on 18 October 2020 at 20:24

I find it great that such an important country like Kalm now goes collaborative. What a great day for OGF: mstr returns, the millionth changeset, and this.

Comment from Lithium-Ion on 18 October 2020 at 20:31

collaboration interest

Hello! I’m interested in collaboration, primarily mapping small-medium towns, rural areas (farms, etc), and maybe detailing coastline and lakes in Kalm and Ventria.

Comment from JoJoBa on 18 October 2020 at 21:12

collaboration interest

I am interested in mapping some rural areas and/or mid-sized towns anywhere in Kalm or Garlis. I am particularly interested in the islands and islets off the western Kalmish coast (like Hajau for example). Anything small sized that would include quite a bit of detailing, let’s say.

Comment from Squizie3 on 19 October 2020 at 21:46

Collaboration interest

Hi Joschi,

As a neighbour, I’m interested in mapping the border regions between Kalm/Ventria and Lentia. Most work will be the mountainous region of my draft map we already discussed, and I’m off course interested in creating neat connections between what I planned and your existing nature and infrastructure. For now, I will keep using the proposed:-tagging.

Besides that, I have another topic I already wanted to message you about: the sea strait between the Vinn Sea and the Hesperic Ocean. I want to help rethink it by discussing it and make some draft proposals, and maybe even map it, if desired. First off, I like it that since about a year or so there is now a connection between the two seas. In fact, it played a key role in my decision to actually take on the job of creating Lentia, since sea access to the world’s oceans was now available, whereas previously it was almost not (as the alternative would be frozen for multiple months a year). That sea strait really makes OGF history a lot more logical: at the Vinn Sea a few of the ‘home countries’ exist, like Lentia (Netherlands), but also Florescenta (Portugal) etc. which have several ex-colonies around the world map and therefore needed good sea access. However, the current strait is still a bit too narrow to fully support that. Besides that, it doesn’t look that natural, mainly because it bends around pre-existing motorway connections, while it should be the other way around. So I hope it will be possible to make it both look more natural, and a bit wider here and there to support OGF world history a bit better. For that, I think the sea straits between Germany, Denmark and Sweden are very good examples: the sea straits are a bit less cramped, but still allow for culture to have spread across it and allow some land connections, like a motorway or maybe two, and railways. So I hope to discuss this further and make proposals, with the help of others off course.

And btw, I think Lithium-Ion could definitely do something interesting with your coastline. You can check out this part of the Lentian coast, which is mostly his work. Kalm seems to have similar coastlines.



Comment from joschi81 on 20 October 2020 at 18:57

Thanks for your comments! I appreciate the collaboration proposals that I got so far.

@Lithium-Ion: I already saw your wonderful coastline work in Lentia (while staying at an island in a very similar region in september). But also lake details and more rural/small town work is welcome.

@JojoBa: Your work looks wonderful as well. I would feel glad to have you in the team of mappers for my countries.

@Squizie3: Looking forward to a good collaboration between neighbours, with as much mapping as you like (after a discussion about the baselines) at the Kalmish side of the border! And of course the sea strait is only a draft (in a third version) - and due to my quite bad skills for mapping natural features, I appreciate to have helping hands to make it look more realistic.

@MisterBean: Looking forward to the further development in Medwedia. And of course to having you in the team!

I will reply to each of those who are interested in more detail a private message. Don’t woryy if it takes a few days.

Comment from ADB52 on 23 October 2020 at 23:50

** collaboration interest ** As a northern neighbour of Ventria, I would be very interested in further developing that territory, as it is so closely intertwined with Utterland. I am awaiting developments to my northwest in Lentia, where @squizie3 is progressing matters.

Comment from joschi81 on 25 October 2020 at 04:10

@ADB52: Thank you! Looking forward to working together with you (much further than the details about the joint narrow-gauge railway network of Utterland and Ventria that we have been discussing so far).

Comment from joschi81 on 25 October 2020 at 04:42

@Squizie3 (and all): I will reply in a PM to your topic about the strait. Let’s discuss it there and return here when there are issues that need to be discussed openly.

Comment from ADB52 on 26 October 2020 at 00:53

Who is managing Isztianorszag? It’s the here-be-dragons territory east of Utterland and Ventria.

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