Announcing a well-coordinated collaborative status for Erfeldia, Garlis, Kalm, and Ventria (2)

Posted by joschi81 on 10 January 2021 in English (English)

This is a follow-up on this diary entry.

Hi OGF community,

I wish you all a happy and successful year 2021 - with much time for OGF, not only because of COVID19.

Unfortunately, the current situation has not left any gap for OGF during the past months. I'm looking forward to a new gap to continue drawing Nerschach, the Kalmish capital.

I also did not have time to prepare the collaborative status of my countries any further. However, you can just contact me with any collaboration proposals, if you're interested in working in a specific part of my countries.

How to participate in mapping Erfeldia, Garlis, Kalm, and Ventria?

FIRST OF ALL: Please do not start mapping in my countries before you have my "official" go.

  1. Select a region, a mapping subject, and a level of detail for the part of one of my countries you're interested in
  2. Send me a PM referencing your mapping work in your own country or in a blue/collaborative territory in OGF. Also, please tell me a bit of yourself and about your opinion about your own mapping skills and specific mapping interests.
  3. I will give you as much info as I can about my own ideas for the respetive region.
  4. We will discuss the process of your mapping developments, so that it meets both your wish to be create in maaping own ideas and my wish to keep everything approximately in accordance with the ideas I have in mind for the respetive region.
  5. Start mapping, send me a PM with the first mapping results. You can be sure, that I will like many parts of it - but also that I will have some remarks for necessary changes.

Kind regards

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