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Stereotypes of Your Country 10 days ago

Pasalia: People are constantly paranoid thinking ,,them commies are gonna attack us'', they are loud mouthed, love chocolate and are obsessed with royalties.

Mapper's Challenge #21 — June 2018 — Let's Eat about 1 month ago

Oh damn, I forgot about last months challenge. Uh, take a look around. This months challenge: This might be a problem for me as I'm a city person who has grown up with police sirens and jets passing overhead instead of cow mooing, so I'll have to take a look at RW farms first, having been at a farm only 3-4 times in my life so far. Certainly interesting although dont count on me participating. Does urban farming count aswell? Anyways, Happy mapping to you all.

(Probably) One of The Largest Nuclear Generating Facilities 3 months ago

The atomic age, unlimited power, one of the safest and most efficient ways to produce electricty... except for the rase case of when it does go wrong but nevermind that. I'd say sizewise it looks ok but could obviously use some more detailing, auxilary buildings, power lines to the outside etc. GO NUCLEAR! -even tho a belgian plant could cause my area to become irratiated for a couple odd decades I still support the technology. Imagine a world where power is literally ,,too cheap to meter''

Mapper's Challenge #17 — February 2018 — Healthcare 6 months ago

Well guess I'll have to start working on the ,,Antarephia Medical Center again. Get well soon

Giliarca (Gardensa). 6 months ago

Agree with the comment above. Looks really great! I love that you took time to detail things out already. I assume youre going for an ,italian´ kind of style?. I wouldnt say the airport is unrealistically large, although I´m simply gonna suggest that maybe taking one of the 2 parallel runways away would already make a difference. All in all a great city. I´d even say that you should keep working on it more and then somebody could suggest it for the feautured map thing we got going on here. Oh and Pasalia would like to have your embassy down here. Greetings, Kingfries

New stats: Ideas 8 months ago

Like all others wrote, we got an issue with overwikification. But the others talked about it already so thats solved

Someone Flooded Antarephia... 9 months ago

The only way to stop climate change is to replace all coal plants with nuclear power made in glorious Pasalia! Only $1,000,000,000! (Coastlines get destroyed on a weekly basis, happens all the time)

Road Names 9 months ago

Ain't nobody got time to read that all lol. These Road Name Generators seem like a good thing to me. I'll stick to coming up with names myself tho.

Archanta Flooding 9 months ago

Climate Change is a lie invented by Commonia to bancrupt us! (Its a Coast Line tagging/ Rendering issue, happens every once in a while)

Something Different: The History of a Square in Ostrina, Antharia 9 months ago

Wow, thats amazing! Gives an actual idea of how it looked before and the urban renewal happening during different time periods. Really good

The Ingerish Colonial Empire 10 months ago

,,Rule Ingerland... Ingerland rule the waves...." Great job

Same Shares with Real World 11 months ago

Welcome to OGF! I don't think we already have a turkey here, or do we? But aslong as you don't copy it 100% any country/culture is OGF-able. So no Atatürk or Bosporus, but Kebab, and a large population in a gaerman country (hehehe). Anyways, welcome and have fun :)

Challenge Follow-up, Travel Plans 11 months ago

*and ,damn autocorrect...

Challenge Follow-up, Travel Plans 11 months ago

Wow, your relatives are really all over the place. Mine are mostly in a 2 hour driving radius. Safe Journey end have fun.

Introduction 11 months ago

Welcome to OGF and welcome to the beautiful continent of Antarephia. For starters you might want to take an >extensive< look at all the provided FAQ sites and study real life examples. I'd also recommend choosing some location in e.g. Commonia and test out the editing functions. Start Geography first and then build your cities around that. Most people here, me included, make the mistake of diving into drawing some streets and connecting them by highways and calling it a day. Like I said, don't be Like me and waste time on stuff you'll have to delete later. Slow and steady keeps you going and Happy Mapping here at OGF. -The Kingdom of Pasalia

Adding To The Wiki 11 months ago

Take your time with the wiki, don't be Like me who had a billion seperate ideas for ,the best and intense article" and now has a giant mess as Wiki page. The fewer, the less.

Just gonna make a summer travel journal rating stuff. If you want your country in it, reply saying yes about 1 year ago

Pasalia, yeah sure if you want why not.

I suck at size about 1 year ago

Don't worry, I spend my First week here mapping a city the size of a backyard :D You'll learn how to size stuff after a while. Keep it up!

Cycling provision in OGF cities about 1 year ago

Kingdom of Pasalia here, I imagine this Country would have a hard time of Gas prices rise because I'm currently working on mapping it as a giant sprawling suburban Sorry for the climate Change folks... (There is biking infrastructure on the couple of islands tho.) Puts that on list

'What was' and 'What could have been' about 1 year ago

The best real life example is belgium IMHO. Just take a look at how many abandoned projects there are. Was it Antwerpen where they literally build entire Metro lines and then never opened them? Anyways great place to get Inspiration from.