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Update on my territory! 24 days ago

Really great work! Looks well thought out, mapping is done nice and convincing. Some of the Roads could be adjusted (e.g. the Sea Tunnel, I would think that the northern entrance would be quite a steep one, to get from above sea level to under the water). Otherwise solid work. Looking forward to seing more.

Giliarca, finally. 5 months ago

Edit: A couple spots I think could be made better

Giliarca, finally. 5 months ago

looks at city '' I've been in ogf for exactly two years'' Yep, we all suck at this, its official guys, pack it up fellas.

Amazing work, one of my absolute favourites, only a couple think that I believe could be made better, in general everythings great.

Huge congrats!

Where is a good place to put an OGF Canada? 7 months ago

Maybe focus on Planoria first? No offense but that still needs a lot of work, youve only mapped some small neighborhood streets and a bunch of highway as far as I can see. I made that mistake at first too tho, but realised focusing on a couple smallm areas can be much more rewarding! Trust me! Happy Mapping and Happy First of May -kf

My Beautiful Lady, You Will Rise Again ! :( 8 months ago

Was watching it live on twitter yesterday. Was like in a movie. To think that 7 decades ago scenes like that and worse happened everywhere we can be lucky that nothing was lost forever. Solidarity from your german neighbours.

Refugee neighbourhoods needed for defectors 8 months ago

Interesting idea. I will make sure to include a ,,Little Antigo'' on the main island of Maritime Pasalia State, Pasalia, Antarephia. Pasalia, and PMS even more is open for political refugees seeking liberty and peace. Plus being on an island makes it feel safer for the refugees probably. May come back to you for naming ideas later on (restaurant, shop names)

City Sprint: Part II 10 months ago

Haven't ,,officially'' declared my participation but I'll see what I can do. Still reworking my island thingy. Didnt feel like working on OGF in the first week and have been sick in bed this week and only now recovering. Will be moving the airport a bit, and developing the freed up space. And the usual small stuff and trying to think of funny easter eggs to myself and to hide or which streets to name after whatever person. Its hard, I have to be careful to avoid too well known names, but I always make sure they can be found by typing it into google and clicking search. Sooo... happy mapping to you all

No time for OGF: What "future" for my countries? 10 months ago

I mostly agree with the others here on keeping some of your most important to you work and opening the other territories to other users. I also agree that Tarott is some amazing if you would keep that that'd be great cough

Feeling a little lost... 11 months ago

Hey BillionPenny483, dont worry, be happy! I, and most others I presume, have already been to a point where you are short of saying ,,screw this''. Somewhere in the FAQ IIRC it says to keep focused on small areas and work into a bit of detail and slowly expand. You dont want to know how fed up I've been with OGF and myself already. Get some ideas and inspiration, take a look at all the helpful resources provided here and stay focused. Rome wasnt build in a day either. And leaving a country full of littered remains behind wouldnt be nice either wouldnt it?


Greetings -Kingfries (Pasalia, Antarephia)

Capital City Reworks 11 months ago

Oh and I've actually considered what Alessa said about the road widths for example, that will change, thanks for pointing that one out. (All comments made are subject to feature mostly unintended very light rage sometimes, which is not directed at other users. ) Just in case anyone felt offended.

Capital City Reworks 11 months ago

@Ūdilugbulgidħū Yeah the whole capital area thing is 75% ,,Lets see how this goes and all'' one of my ideas was to have it be a ,,postwar,car-oriented sprawling city'', with low buildings and huge parking lots. Turned out thats hard to keep track of all the ways that need to be accounted for. Outside of that? A giant f-ing mess, phew, horrible to say the least. I like to pretend its not there. Passington is just a leftover of the old layout, Metroville? Uhh... nevermind that one. My Island? I actually put some thought behind why the airport is where it is. As an island that serves as a natural barrier from the open sea, would be bad to have a town open up right into the sea. Eventually it got connected to the southern island by land reclamtions and thats also where the airport was put. Having it be anywhere else now would mess up the way I planned everything out. Think of the area between fort and airport as having been water before. Thats also why theres a Fort there. If Capt. Jims Island (Airport area) would have any natural hills it wouldve blocked the clear view of the sea before our modern times. The Airport will stay put. But maybe shrunk even more, idk yet. If it were on e.g. the east side of the island it would spoil the nature and be really close to the steep mountain side. Not ideal.

Capital City Reworks 11 months ago

@Sarepava, yeah like I said, there are many issues to be taken care of, Generally everything outside of the capital city area can be ignored. I also have the situation that the geography around Pasalia has changed significantly, The Peninsula actually used to be at a narrow strait, across from it was another peninsula of a neighbouring country. Seen my Island I've been working on? There used to be land there! Basically creating an enourmous natural bay all the way down to where Udi now has his...uhh... alien language country. I think the Wiki article of Antarephia still shows the old layout in which also the first location I choose made a lot more sense. Same with Passington which used to be a simple land border and now theres an entire bay to the south. The ,,Northern Border Control Facility'' actually used to in a different country already.Its not easy developing places when half of the damn continent is constantly changing and I'm not sure if anyone else had to deal with problems like that.

YouTube Channel for OpenGeofiction? 11 months ago

No... no it really wouldnt... trust me...

Merry Christmas! 12 months ago

Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten to all of you, enjoy some time with your close ones, we take them for granted way too often. <3

Embassies in Altbridge 12 months ago

Of course, the Kingdom of Pasalia would also like to be represented in Hilton. Foreign Embassies to KP are located here: if you want the same. Greetings

EARTHQUAKE about 1 year ago

Yeah Anchorage got hit damn hard, I saw that on the news, luckily building standards have advanced so far since the 1964 earthquake that this time there were no deaths. Alaska is nice, hope you guys can clean up and move on real fast.

Two years in OGF about 1 year ago

Keep up the work for Motherland Comra... Nevermind. Congrats on your work. Happy Mapping. US Anthem

What is the longest place name in OGF world? about 1 year ago

Itll probably some place that has its own language. And most place names in English, french etc. arent that long. St.this, City of that and so on. Best bet for long place names are the ogf countries where the effort to create unique languages was made or that have the ogf version of icelandic, finnish as language.

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? about 1 year ago

Oh and test sites: Large spot of empty-ness. Some desert or remote island which were uninhabitated or only had small native populations who could be forced to relocate. Nothing really to map except dirt roads or abandoned towns, maybe a small visitor site. I know one of the large testing areas in the US can be visited by small groups if you sign up early enough. They left the ruined test buildings, flipped over cars, etc. there.

Does your nation own nuclear weapons? about 1 year ago

Does Pasalia own nuclear weapons? Yes it does, but only a couple. Scalewise like apartheid-era South Africa used to. ( I believe they had 6 IIRC). I ,,mapped'' a test site in the country but realised that maybe location wise its not the best location. So probably they wouldve done a test or two in the Asperic Ocean somewhere or maybe in another large allied country. The UK used Australia for its tests, France used Algeria.

Does it use nuclear power? Yes! One of the worlds major users of it even! Relying on it even more than france does in the real world. Not yet extensively mapped tho either. I could imagine 3,4 or 5 locations across the country.

How should a base be designed? Well it certainly doesnt have large flashing signs. Usually its either part of a regular large base, or missile silos in the middle of nowhere. So a couple silos and then just crew buildings. Certainly nothing that draws attention.

That aside: Do we know which countries use these? IRL its only US,UK, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, North Korea, cough Israel too caugh. So we dont want to end up with 30 nuclear powers, even if that would be possible.