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Criticism about Patriot City - Don't Hold Back! about 1 year ago

Takes breath Ah yes, the wasteful beauty of american cities, fantastic. What to say about Patriot City? Obviously more detailing is always a yes, e.g. naming more stuff. Or go through a check list of what every city needs, Like fire and police stations, fire and police training grounds, Bus depots, train yards, garbage dumps, power plants (maybe an abandoned one), stuff that you don't usually think about like slaughterhouses, waste water filter plants? But if Patriot City were real I'd live there.

Historical and geographical curiosities about 1 year ago

Pasalia has ,PAA's'' (Protected Autonomous Areas) in which allow people to have a municipality in which their own language and culture is protected.

Unable to edit about 1 year ago

I've been here since late 2015 and still think josm sucks if even the slighest error occures. I refuse to use that unless some of you fellas cover the bills if I get a Stress-caused cardiac arrest hehe. That being said its correct that ogf is a Computer only site as you can only then map orderly. Keep Calm and Map on. -kf

Turtlefruits DO GO on Pizacyros!!! (funny news article) about 1 year ago

Always enjoying references to actual real world memes and pop-culture in general (Can't put pineapple on pizza if there isn't any pizza taps head) Keep it up folks.

Possible origins of Christianity (Christic Movement) in our OGF World. over 1 year ago

The Kingdom of Pasalia invites all atheist people, hehe. But seriously, almost all cities in the ,old world' are based around some place of worship. In European-style cities the church or cathedral will often be the center of the city. Therefore whilst not being Set and put in ogf-world its still one of the most important things for human settlements, aside from Access to water and food sources.

Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon over 1 year ago

@ilikemaps: This is my problem aswell. I'm trying to come up with ideas but at the same time imagine pasalians to be a bit... well... Imagine elderly people and their , This new fancy technology is gonna turn everyone into braindead commies"- additute. So i thought of some topic like ,An Analogue society in a digital world' but I have no Idea how anything like this would be done. Maybe solutions for elderly people to adapt to 21st century Tech?

The headache that is Trevers over 1 year ago

I feel you... Started with my capital city on the tip of a peninsula, realised after some redoing it still sucks. So now I decided to eventually map a City further West as the original capital, which then was relocated to a new futuristic City more to the east. Aaaaand I left some parts of my original city to be a University City Because I loved some things there (the fort I did or the wonderful Botanic garden which was done by Udi if I remember correctly.) So dont worry we all have these ,,Man... This place Looks awful..."-moments. I still do, I Just map along until I kinda like it. Don't give up Happy Mapping -Kingfries

Tarott EXPOMONDIALE 2018 world exhibition - Choose a parcel of land for your nation's pavillon over 1 year ago

Love the idea. I'll think about something and come back later. Count me in for this.

Cross-border checkpoints over 1 year ago

For Inspiration for mine I Took a Look at the US-Mexico Checkpoint near San Diego and the former Checkpoints between East and West Germany. I included several Lanes going into each direction where you First Pass the initial Checkpoint and after that there are turn around lanes in Case you are denied entrance. Only after that is the actual border. and

Ordyo-Puntick Metropolis / Going International over 1 year ago

,,In the 20th century, when utopian/distopian cultural movements appeared in Yuris, the idea became even more desired. When Puntick started to have urban and social problems, it became imperative to find a solution. President Lenz B. Albano sugested the construction of Ordyo in 1957, the "dream became true" in 1962 and a new capital city was born.'' This is exactly what happened in Pasalia. The new capital city build in the 50s-70s (inspired by Brasilia and others). Sounds intersting to say the least.

BMSouza, the return over 1 year ago

Good luck and best wishes to you and your wife.Sorry to hear about that you lost your job but seems like you already found a new one, Good for you!

Welcome back to OGF Happy Mapping

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #11 - February, 2017 - Another day, but not another motorway over 1 year ago

Would like to participate, although Pasalia is supposed to be quite suburban (endless suburbs, fastfood restaurants with drivethroughs, and loads and loads of land being reserved for cars.) So I'll pass this months challenge.

Events in 2017? over 1 year ago

I believe a expo/world fair would be great! Everyone has their own fairs but a central worlds fair would be great

WANTED over 1 year ago

@Udi: You can do the botanic garden. @Aces California You can do the University Hospital at remember it is supposed to be the largest hospital in the country and feature almost, if not all facilities a modern metropolitan hospital should offer, including such specialized things like radiation treatment, rare infection treatments, rehab and all other usual stuff. @Pawl Yes it is a campus. Including all the different faculties, auditoriums and other university related things, aswell as normal stuff like parking and etc.

Happy Mapping to all of you, I'll stay in contact with you. Kingfries

Nerschach, a capital's name? - Or: The problem of naming large cities over 1 year ago

Hm not quite sure about that, But Nerschach really sounds like some village in the southern half of germany. We are not used to these names simply because they are fictional. Names like ,Wuppertal'(Wupper Valley), arent creative either. Its hard to come up with original names in OGF due to that we have to come up with ideas behind the name by ourself. Example in RL: ,Bochum' where I'm from got its name from medieval times and meant ,Places where Beech trees are'. Or in OGF I came up with Windigio which has a ,native inhabitants sound' to it. But I also have really boring names like Futuria City, Metroville (can it get any more generic than that?), Seymour.... Its hard... Enjoy your weekend folks

How to space your towns properly over 1 year ago

Yeah Wendover is really informative. Although I don't agree with him that Bangladesh is the perfect place for human civilization but his videos are really nice!

Luciano's Mapper's Challenge #10 - January, 2017 - Give and Take over 1 year ago

Sure will be an interesting one! A bit messy sometimes but still interesting what it'll bring. I think I said this previously somewhere, not sure though, that I don't mind people editing in Pasalia, aslong as its not one of these strange things (the one that we are trying to get rid of in e.g. Commonia) Happy New Year folks lets make this year great!

2016 Golden Delta Film Festival - WINNERS over 1 year ago

Wow, two 1st Places and a 2nd Place. Even though I forgot to complete the wiki articles. Guess we'll throw a surprise party for the movie industry hehe. Was a fun contest, we should keep doing these! You are all so creative!

Thanks! over 1 year ago

I just realised... HOLY.... its been over a here since I started here. I must say I'm a bit disappointed of myself due to how little I think I finished. But yes this community really is great, nice refreshing sense of common goals and interests etc.

Good luck in 2017 Guys!

Real World Equivalents? over 1 year ago

Some strange mix between late 1950s-1980s Western/ Mid-Western US, with some aspects of other countries and regions. Oh and with a bit of conservative retrofuturism added into there.