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About Ormeo 9 months ago

Yeah...there's nothing you need to "do with" Hibiscus. Don't modify other users' mapping unless there's a good reason. "I've decided to change this, just because." is not a good reason.

Also, every island with a grid is not like Manhattan. Ormeo is a resort city; it looks to have more in common with a place like Miami Beach, Florida, or Santos, Brazil. The fact that it has a subway system is a bit absurd, but hey, that's OGF for ya...

farms 9 months ago

Your farms look great. Better than most of what you see around the OGF world.

For another take on how to add detail, check out western Ullanye:

Also, lol @ the idea that San Jose can't be used as a name because there's a large San Jose in the real world. Better not use Main Street either, I guess.

Oketia is getting a makeover! 9 months ago

Use real-world comparisons to get better at mapping at a proper scale.

A week ago, i joined and i started making these two small islands. 10 months ago

Oops, link didn't work!

A week ago, i joined and i started making these two small islands. 10 months ago

The [OGF Scale Helper is probably the single most helpful tool I use in my mapping. It's invaluable when determining the accuracy of scale.

Huntington Red Light 10 months ago

LOL @ the idea of New Yorkers flocking to the District as tourists. not do that. 😜

Looking for an Airport mapper 10 months ago

Thanks both! 👍

Map of languages in the Wiki 11 months ago

This is a great example of why we have such a chilly climate around the larger collaborative project of OGF. Sude tried to improve something that wasn't really working, their solution still wasn't perfect, and now they're being harassed for it. This is clearly not "vandalism," and it seems pretty obvious to me that a lot of work went into it, so calling it "lazy" is equally unproductive.

The old version of the map was hardly a beacon of legibility and user-friendliness, so why don't we try to build on the work that sude has started? Their assumptions about language are incorrect, but that doesn't mean we have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Let's figure out how to create a better map that also makes room for multiple languages. Perhaps relations for national languages with individual markers for regional divergences? Or a different color for "Mixed" with more information when the relation is clicked on?

Map of languages in the Wiki 11 months ago

This is a great effort...but I'm confused by what you're trying to say about languages. As you yourself note, there are many real-world countries that have multiple national languages. At the same time, there are cities where different languages are used in different places (i.e. New York, where I live, and where there are additional street signs in Spanish, Chinese, et. al. depending on where you are). I was just in Toronto recently, and pretty much every sign I saw was replicated in both English and French.

Introducing Seniqe 11 months ago

Thank you! That photo is from good 'ole Istanbul. Or I guess good new Istanbul, good 'ole Constantinople. ;) I pulled it from Wikimedia Commons.

Montecari's getting a facelift! 11 months ago

Gotta ask - - what does it mean for bridges to be in the "right places"??

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

You just contradicted yourself. And I'm done arguing with you, it's like talking to a brick.

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

"show me the place where you think the coastline is traced?"

Traced Coastline

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

You didn't copy the "idea" of New York bay, you copied the actual waterfront. I never said you copied chain names, I said that copying real-world landforms wholesale is pretty obviously a bad idea when merely using real-world chains (small scale by comparison) is prohibited. My point is that what you're doing is an order of magnitude worse.

You claim to have not traced anything, but unless you have a photographic memory there's no way you could have gotten the map this close to the real coastline. Sure you've made modifications, but the landforms are still very, very clearly New York (and I say this as a New Yorker). So you've copied real-world places, broken verisimilitude, and (on top of all of that) claimed to have not traced anything at all. Something smells fishy.

If you want to say anything about my mapping, go ahead. You're right that this isn't kindergarten, and big kids should be able to both criticize and take criticism.

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

@lars Seriously, you're claiming to have eyeballed all of that? I just overlaid it over the real deal in Google Earth and it's virtually perfect. I suppose there's a chance that you're a savant with a photographic memory.

Either way, it seems pretty straightforward that on a mapping site where we're not even supposed to use real world chain names in our placemarkers that the actual mapping should not be lifted wholesale from the real world, base or not. Especially given that much of the shorelines of New York and Boston are man-made, it also feels like a break in the verisimilitude decorum, since it's pretty hard to imagine that the land on the OGF planet would somehow have naturally formed to create a coastline that mirrors, say, the Bayonne Peninsula or Floyd Bennett Field, which is largely landfill.

And yeah, I bet most people use real-world models to help with scale and character...I certainly do. But I don't upload the copied bits, I save them as a separate layer in JOSM and only upload my own original mapping.

Useful resource for UK mappers 12 months ago

I love stuff like this, thank you for sharing. Being able to distinguish larger patterns is key to making realistic-looking cities in OGF. There was a great study that came out a few years ago of street patterns, with some color-coded maps of major metro areas here:

Also worth a look is Copernicus, a mapping tool created by the EU's Land Monitoring Service:

The Imperviousness layer is the best tool I've found for establishing metro area extent when starting a new city:

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

Sorry, no -- misidentified Canary Wharf. Looks similar, but it's not traced.

Two Ascots?? 12 months ago

Interesting. Noticing a theme in the Archantan Ascot, as I look closer:

This is New York harbor, upside-down:

This is central Boston:

Here's Canary Wharf:

Jamaica Bay:

Upper Hudson/Tappan Zee:

Bit of a mashup going on.

Migration of Early Humans in OGF about 1 year ago

If we look to real-world corollaries, humans would have started out somewhere in southwest Uletha / northeast Tarephia—the area surrounding the northern Sea of Uthyra. There are a number of us mapping in that area that have cultures dating back to antiquity, but there's not technically an "official" consensus on where OGF humans started. (But there's no "official" consensus on anything of importance, really, so for my money it's the safest bet at this point).

Something funny about 1 year ago

Hehe...fractal landscapes. ;)