Posted by magnesium on 3 February 2018 in English (English)

A new town I'm working on, called Lowden. North Springwood...meh i'm probably gonna stop working on that. Probably a bit less

Location: Fearnagh Bay Highway, Town of Redstoneville, Kingdom of New Commonia, Commonia

Comment from zhenkang on 4 February 2018 at 02:02

Err, that park and ride is too big to be one. There are not enough details in that new town you are working on.

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Comment from magnesium on 4 February 2018 at 11:02

I just started on it.

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Comment from Trombonist2003 on 5 February 2018 at 23:49

It's actually much better than my first tries (Which I have not fixed since), but you're making the same error I made: The building shapes and sizes. It would be a better idea to make the shapes of your buildings in smaller blocks at the very least instead of taking up the entire block.

Thanks, Zekiel

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Comment from magnesium on 6 February 2018 at 20:02

I'll fix that.

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Comment from Alsatian on 20 February 2018 at 19:46

The park and ride is absolutely massive. Just connected it to the M607 (Monmouth Outer Ring Road).

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