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I am Miles, a 15 year old kid, who likes making up fantasy places and writing fantasy stories. I joined OpenGeofiction in January of 2018, and edit the map using my Mid 2013 Macbook Air.

My birthday is on March 22nd and I was born in Los Angeles which I moved from when I was 6. I have since lived in the same small town in the western part of Colorado, USA, where I like to Ski in the winter and bike in the summer.

I also travel around the USA to different places multiple times a year (I visit family on the east coast around Thanksgiving each year, and occasionaly travel to other places in the USA for other trips) and visit Europe (currently I've only been to Spain, but will be visiting London for the first time, and Spain again this May) once each summer. Many of the things I've added to the map are based on my local area and the places I have visited, although I occasionally take ideas from other users towns and cities on the map.

The only town I am currently building and own is Galentia, located near the city of Celemberra, that is accessed by motorway/highway exits off of West Central Expressway I-101 in Commonia. It is designed to mainly be a place to stop along the motorway/highway on long routes, where you can get gas or stay in a hotel or motel for the night. The town does have some residents and houses, as well as shops and a grocery store, but is mainly built for services that people stopping along the nearby motorway/highway would probably use.