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My Beautiful Lady, You Will Rise Again ! :( over 1 year ago

As a French Parisian seeing this affected me a lot. It seems like the interior has somewhat survived. They are already planning the restoration and rebuilding efforts.

Maps blurred on MacBook Pro over 1 year ago

The OSM project has worked on this and it works pretty well, I just don't know why it's still not the default in OSM as a few different implementations exist. The solution is to use vector tiles (SVG files), that way the rendered map can adapt to any display resolution. Another benefit of this is that it will be much easier to have custom data layers ontop of the map (subway lines for example).

There are a lot of interesting links in these pages about this topic:

This is a link to a working implementation:

Transit layer about 2 years ago

@austinhuang If someone has a github/gitlab repo with the code for this, I'll gladly take a look at what's possible.

Transit layer about 2 years ago

How is determined the displayed colour of the line / relation ? It could be nice to take into account the "colour" tag. And also the transport mode if no colour is given.

As the relation rendering is done on the client, it would be nice to have options on which transport mode you want to display.

I'd like to ask; what kind of traffic lights are in your country? over 2 years ago

Interesting to see that like on real earth, some countries have traffic lights before intersections, and some after.

Transport map layer? almost 3 years ago

I'd be interested in this as well

Feedback on Plans almost 3 years ago

I find it really good with plenty of details everywhere.

Well done with the railway lines and the stations, generally good scale and realistic curves and platform lengths. Maybe both stations are a bit to close, and Lorava Stare Mesto station platforms and rail positions could be improved.

In Stare mesto the shapes of some buildings are quite odd, but that would be the only thing that I could complain about the town itself.