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Salut à tous !

My name is Rémi. I'm French and presently mapping in Ambrosia and Co-editing in Alormen a state of the Federal States, Started with West Kadmar and also collaborated in a small way with Geoboi in Leresso.

I really find the concept of this web site genial. Invent and draw the shapes of a fictional world and all history, culture and societies that come from seems really inspiring. I love maps and thanks to OGF I can dedicade time to edit there and also draw maps to illustrate my projects.

En bref ...

  • Ambrosia is a kind of Quebec located in South West Astrasia where people speak "french" but with also a "spanish" and "dutch" influence from neighbour countries.

  • Alormen is supposed to refer to Texas with a "spanish" influence. (collaborative project with ruadh)

  • West Kadmar is a province of Leresso that was part of Kadmar a former ingerish colony.