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My first attempt at hyper-detailing (Feedback) 9 days ago

If your gonna do a gridlock, at least keep the roadS straight. They are far to curvy for a city that you appear to be making gridlock. Also please dont make like 5 or 4 roads meet up at one spot without creating a roundabout or something, it hurts my eyes

Phoenix-New Master Plan 23 days ago

also i think we should delete the airport in the first picture.

Phoenix-New Master Plan 23 days ago

i would honestly love to help. I think this will be better than the previous attempt, and also maybe we do it in segments, instead of deleting it all and remaking it. also, i think we should do a minor remake of the city center/capital, as its practically the same as the US national mall, and i think it would be nice to make it more unique

Phoenix - Project cancelled 24 days ago

Honestly i hope we can remake pheonix, but instead we do it in phases to avoid anything like this so if one thing is low-quality we remake it and move on. If this project were to be continued, i feel that would be the best way to take it on

Phoenix - Project cancelled 25 days ago

Sorry for commenting here, but I do not have a wiki account yet, so I was thinking of keeping motorway W and C, and making the dave mecyna motorway into a beltway going around. To see what I mean, look at the dark red in this picture I made.

A proposal for blue countries' capital 28 days ago

wrong link, i apologize:

A proposal for blue countries' capital 28 days ago

Sorry for the other comment, but theres two airports, we could probably delete the bad one. the ok one is here:

A proposal for blue countries' capital 28 days ago

honestly, i support this. it really looks rushed and unfinished, or at least a good part of it. id like to help start by completely redoing this ( this could be much simpler, as the two highways ending tint have many, if any, exits in Phoenix, so i might completely redo that sometime soon.

Changing of histor-style - the 2nd about 1 month ago

Honestly i feel like roads should have 1 color, so i would just make it maybe like purple-ish color?

Tiles not loading. about 1 month ago

This has been happing to me somewhat often too. Not sure why, might be a site-wide issue.