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Suggestion: Review your "capital" tagging over 1 year ago

I totally agree with this! I always try to tag the sub-national level capitals with the right number :)

Dominton about 2 years ago

That's looks like a really good city indeed. I hope you'll stay here :)

Btw, if you want to use multinational companies (like McDonald's and Starbucks in real life) you could also use one of our in-world big companies. For example: Starburgers is 'our McDonald's', CoffeeBreaks could be used as a Starbucks and you could use Pizza Varela for a Pizza Hut. For more see the International Business Listing.

Embassy over 2 years ago

That's cool! I would like to get an embassy in your country. My country is Balonis.

Weekly Word; Pheonix Edition over 2 years ago

My entry for this week will be a small shopping center I made in Balonis City:

Suggestion for next week: HEALTH

(Btw, the new format for the Weekly Word is great :)

New continent points over 2 years ago

How did you calculate the exact centers of the continents? Or did you just take some random points?

I might be coming back to OGF over 2 years ago

Nice that you've come back! I'm looking forward to seeing your new town :)

Mapper's Challenge #13 - September 2017 - Showing Culture over 2 years ago

This is interesting. The day I planned to start working on the native peoples in Balonis, this mapper's challenge is posted.

I will choose the advanced challenge because I'm going to map some reservations throughout Balonis. I'll post my mapping at the end of the month.

Weekly Word #12 over 2 years ago

@Luciano Wow, it would be so cool to have an OGF version of that OpenHistoricalMap :D

Btw, I already mapped an arena in Balonis City that has been demolished. You can see it here. I used the OSM Lifecycle prefix for that, but it would be no problem to add a historic:building=yes tag as well.

Weekly Word #11 over 2 years ago

I'm very late, but I hadn't notice that there was a new Weekly Word until today!

Anyway, I decided to quickly make a seafood shop, you can see it here.

I know it's very small, but that's because I hadn't seen it before today.

@Aces California I don't mind you being the mod for the Weekly Word, but I don't really know what that means. The only thing I can come up with is posting the new word if nobody enters the challenge...

National Days in OGF? over 2 years ago

In Balonis, May, 26 is celebrated as Independence Day. On that day in 1823 the country became independent from Castellan. I created a wiki page about it once, which has more information, including how it is celebrated.

Weekly Word #8 over 2 years ago

I made this rural area south of Balonis City. It contains mainly natural features, but I also made the town of Gutardo in it.

I know it's not finished at all, but I want to submit this and I will definitely work on it after the challenge.

Castellanese word for Babelic over 2 years ago

Thank you all! I used babélico. If you're interested, this is the church I mapped. I hope the Chinese translation is correct as well :)

Oh, and @zhenkang, I will build a Babelic temple later. It will also be in the neighborhood of the church.

New Project - Opinions? over 2 years ago

Looks great! I couldn't find any big mistakes, though I do agree with trabantemnaksiezyc that the railways could be improved ;)

Weekly Word #7 over 2 years ago

This challenge reminded me of the federal heritage register of Balonis that I created some months ago.

I decided to create two new listings on the register for this week's challenge.

The first one is a small one. It's the Teatro del Amor. It was placed on the heritage register because of its typical early 1900s building style.

I also wanted to make a bigger submission. Therefore I made the Campo de Batalla Nacional "Palacio Colonial de Dordoña". It is at the site of a palace that was ruined by rebels during the war for independence. The palace served as a home of the Castellanese governor of Balonis.

Weekly Word #6 over 2 years ago

Actually I already made an electricity-related creation for one of the previous Weekly Words. It's the Central térmica de San Juan, a coal-fired power plant in the state Jesopas.

Anyway, I decided to make a new creation for this week's challenge. I made a wind farm near Balonis City. It's called the Parque eólico Rosas and consits of 70 wind farms.

Weekly Word #5 over 2 years ago

And the winner is:


You receive the right to post the new Weekly Word next week!

Weekly Word #5 over 2 years ago

@zhenkang I think that the person who did the challenge that week can do it again the following week

Weekly Word #4 over 2 years ago

@isleño That's a very good idea! I will post a new word next week and the winner of that challenge can post the next one :)

Weekly Word #4 over 2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback stjur. I kind of agree with what you say, but my intention for this challenge was to choose random words, so that you really have to think out of the box to make a creation (though I have to admit that that was not really the case for this week).

It could be monthly, but I like to post a new one every week. Maybe I could post one every week, but also mention the four previous words (so that you can still work on it). It is also an advantage, because if you don't like the word you only have to wait one week for a new one :)

I don't understand why we should vote for the best creation, the other challenges don't have that as well.

Weekly Word #4 over 2 years ago

This is the correct link of what TheMapper27 made.

But I just want to say that this challenge is meant for serious creations and not things like that. Please, don't waste your time by creating these things and just do quality mapping.