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Thank you everyone! over 1 year ago

Thank you so much for the admin team, especially Luciano! It must’ve been a headache to find the culprit. I am incredibly sorry for anyone affected by my move (the one in the example), it was frustrating, but thankfully, we have a great admin team to work on it.

Coastlines almost 3 years ago

I am having the same problem

Maps blurred on MacBook Pro over 4 years ago

Yup I had this problem too, I think it might be from the OSM itself, are not compatible with retina display. And also any other countless application that not compatible with Retina display :(

"Peaceland" over 4 years ago

Yes, please lol. Also, take more time to have a thought of the new name and everything, something that you wouldn’t regret. Hahaha. Happy mapping!

Meridian World's Fair 1934 over 4 years ago

Whoa whoa….. I am always very impressed with your design! 1934 is really the year of late Art-Deco and the beginning of Streamline design like your poster. I am impressed with anything.. like literally, your wiki, the sundial, the poster, the map.

I am going to build a pavilion for Kingdom of Wallea :D

Mapper's Challenge #23 — September 2018 — Back to School over 4 years ago

My admission for this challenge, University of San Martín. While being in a relatively old area, this University is pretty new (1980s) and most of the faculty are social related.

Welminster over 4 years ago

is bad

Suya Ahn over 4 years ago

From a guy who lives in Jakarta, I could see the inspiration you tried, and it looks really chaotic-ly beautiful in Ynn. I can’t wait to see the development of your country! :D

Cosperica - natural features over 4 years ago

Hey wangi, I am interested in joining this collaboration

This question has been bothering me for quite a while... over 4 years ago

This was also a long-talked topic in the geographic community. Me and my girlfriend talked about this and speculate that most of the women are interested where men aren’t much interested, such as psychology, anthropology, art or studies that “minor” things. But this was just a speculation of generalization, doesn’t mean every woman does that. My girlfriend also helps me with writing articles for Wallea, usually in economic, laws and historical perspective.

Stereotypes of Your Country over 4 years ago

Wallean: We pray at noon, party at night

Darsons: What is your opinion? almost 5 years ago

This is an amazing US-Styled city! I can’t say much cause I’m not the export but I gotta say that you gotta move this town to FSA (AR120) on it’s own state.

Mapper's Challenge #21 — June 2018 — Let's Eat almost 5 years ago

Hello, does palm oil plantation count as a farm?

Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood almost 5 years ago

AR120-84 or Northwestern area is the right part of the area because it’s deserty like Los Angeles.

What's This? almost 5 years ago

That’s the rainbow bridge to Asgard

Country Approval almost 5 years ago

Hello neighbor! I hope you’re having fun. You can ask all of us in the region for things like climate, local region history.

Stuck. about 5 years ago

I’m using MacBook Pro, never had any problem with it. Even been trying to learn JOSM for ever since. Like you said, you have come so far. I liked your country, too bad if you had to leave it.

Anyway, take a break for months, probably someday you had more inspiration to do some mapping back in Leresso. I hope you doing good!

Country Name Suggestions about 5 years ago

Probably the most similar climate and territories that is available are probably between UL406 or UL052. It’s in the north of 45thº north parallel line so probably it’s kinda like Southern Canada? Most of the neighboring countries are also using “European” language.

First Diary Entry - 24th January 2018 about 5 years ago

Wow! Anyway, your town located in the north of my old commonian town!

New stats: Ideas over 5 years ago

@Luziyca I think a list like this makes the more mapped country much more interesting and having more depth rather than just wiki about places and places.