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Making an International Movie City, like Hollywood about 1 month ago

Yeah, sounds nice, but finding a good area for it is kinda hard.

How to make good cities? about 2 months ago

I'd say start off your city as a small neighborhood, and soon expand. Huge cities on Opengeofiction take years to make, and if your willing to put 110% into your maps, you will see progress.

My first awfulness about 2 months ago

I still use iD because it's easier to get to and I kind of prefer that kind of controls. I always use left click to move, using right click is a task to do.

RW Diseases on OGF? 5 months ago

We have Ferru in Planoria, it has symptoms like the flu but comes during Winter and from very cold frozen water.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 6 months ago

I hope you get what you wanted for christmas

Harda Archipelago blank map 6 months ago

That is my continent! It looks nice and detailed!

any help? 6 months ago

Oh thank you!

Palaseskia is being remade soon! 7 months ago

I think we should kind of delete the motorways and add rivers, I don't get why your buildings are huge, not even the empire state building is as big as your Palamoney headquarters. And we need a capital in the middle of your country, because all of the people have better access to the capital.

When I have enough detail on my first country to try mapping a new one what should it be? 8 months ago

Planoria is kind of a cross between the United States and Canada, I designed most of the cities of those two places, along with how the Cities are placed in order of where's the coldest. I kinda just felt I wanted to tackle a European styled country.

Looks real? 8 months ago

Looks a bit too small. try widening the space as LemonKing said earlier. Fire spreads easily and many city planners think of that in small homes

Tojmidia: A Roadmap 9 months ago

I would love for my country to have diplomatic relations with you. my country is Planoria.

So far your country is great, looks like a country with some rich history.

National Days in OGF? 10 months ago

Every July 3rd, the country of Planoria gets a full day of celebration of being independent from Ingerland

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 11 months ago

@tommypoo I'm trying to post some news (Like normal news not progress) to the World News but I can't for some reason

What would it look like if I brought my OGF city to life? Progress in Caladea 11 months ago

You play Cities:Skylines? Cool, I have hundreds of mods for Cities Skylines, which I use to detail my roads and scenery, my framerate tanks, but it's worth it.

Why isn't the airport showing up? 11 months ago

oh ok, i'll try to fix that

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 11 months ago

I wanted to ask a question but a post for it in the user diaries would be short. So I dunno how people get to post on the OGF World News area, and i'd like to ask how I would be able to use it or I can't

Apology for all the short text posts i've been making. 11 months ago

Thanks _zM. I'll use blikis from now on to document my stuff. My Bliki

Why is my country tagged as 'reserved'? 12 months ago

What kind of computer did you use for JOSM, because I use an Asus Laptop with built in Intel Graphics.

,Interrail' -OGF Version 12 months ago

This is a great idea, that way you don't have to fly all the time, you can visit stops along the way which is great.

Norfield growing 12 months ago

Looks great so far, I hope your your new town or city will be great!