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Your thoughts about my new capital city ?

Posted by redy on 29 November 2017 in English (English)


I don't usually post articles on the diary, but today I need to know your opinion.

I started mapping the new capital of Amsel yesterday, for now I like pretty much what I did at the center of the city, but I don't know how to continue its development at the suburbs...

Moreover the area of the north of the city (near the university) doesn't please me :( I think that it contrasts a lot with the rest of the city : it is too much circular for my taste, unlike the City center, even if it is meant to be a quite recent suburb (built in the 1980-1990).

What are your thoughts ? I hope you can give me some advice because I'm a little lost at the moment.



Location: -41,047, 136,732

Important figures

Posted by redy on 4 December 2016 in English (English)

Hello everyone!

I was mapping and assigning names to places or roads ; and I wondered : are there any important or famous people (significant figures like heroes, politicians, celebrities...) in OGF world ; and may their names be given to streets, roads... ? (like in the real world)

Thanks for your answers!

Air Réamel

Posted by redy on 23 April 2016 in English (English)

Hello :) The new Air Réamel airline company is looking for new destinations for international connections through the continents. It provides passengers and cargo flights. It counts two hubs in Réamel: the Melle-Mendaya International Airport and the Fini-Peio V International Airport .


Réamel : Air Réamel :


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