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Realistic Mapping over 2 years ago

Perhaps this is art.. but there are art colleges all over the world that teach art.. So asking for help to develop skills and experience is not something to be sneered at.. not all great artists were child prodigies. It takes hard work to create your own artistic identity and to be truly original you must understand what other artists are doing and why. Art doesn’t happen in isolation. Imitation is the first step towards mastery of any medium.

OGF tutorials for all users to learn about how to do stuff on ogf over 2 years ago

@Luciano, sorry my second paragraph wasn’t addressed to you specifically, it was more of a general comment on the usefulness of video (simply because that’s how I enjoy learning but I wanted to acknowledge that making a quality video is also really tough), I could have made that clearer. As you say, you’ve made the only OGF video tutorial I’m aware of, why would you think video is a bad medium! I agree 100% that for some it’s too much bother to read the wiki and well, ultimately that’s on them.

OGF tutorials for all users to learn about how to do stuff on ogf over 2 years ago

@Luciano, didn’t you do a video at one point? I seem to remember watching it when I was new to OGF and trying to understand ‘relations’.

I find watching videos incredibly useful when I’m learning, there are some fantastic STEM channels on YouTube, check out Khan Acadamy, Crashcourse or Bozeman Science, they’ll get you through GCSE (14-16yrs old) and A-Level (16-18yrs old) STEM courses easily (I’m not sure what the international equivalents of these levels are). So I wouldn’t write off video as a means of passing along information. The problem is that a good video tutorial is beyond the skill set of most people, you need to know the subject, be able to convey the info in an orderly way and have the presentation skills to keep the viewer interested. It’s a ‘big ask’.

Problems with JOSM - again (Postprocessing) over 3 years ago

I had this problem, slow “post-processing” issue, last year when I moved territory. I was shifting large numbers of nodes (say 5000 plus) each time. Uploading the nodes was quick but for every node it took a few seconds of postprocessing. Played out over thousands of nodes made the whole process last for hours in some instances.

Never had the same issue with smaller numbers (around 1000). Something about big uploads can drastically increase the time it takes. I’ve a great internet connection, was running the latest version of Josm etc etc

Random Names over 3 years ago

@ Yuanls, you’ve hit the nail on the head here, many real world countries would fall foul of even loosely interpreted versamilitude rules. People are going overboard.. it actually comes across, to me, as a bit hysterical, and an excuse to have a go at new users.

Hi over 3 years ago

All hail stjur!

Mysterious monarchy almost 4 years ago

I suppose my point is that no elite ever gives up power voluntarily. The peasants are always going to be a dangerous mob in the eyes of the rulers. The closest example I think of where an elite stepped aside might be the Soviet leadership in the 80s who, unlike the Chinese Communist Party during Tiananmen Square, decided against the brutal massacre of a popular uprising and gave up control.. but even then there were so many factors combining to force them out.

You mention the codex has brainwashed these people and they give orders that people pretend to carry out so I guess in that scenario it could work. I really like the concept and the religious elements are good in justifying why these people have been kept around. Looking forward to reading more about it! Is the King going to announce the end of the codex when he addresses parliament I wonder..

Mysterious monarchy almost 4 years ago

Rots political system sounds unique and it’s very imaginative.

Its interesting that you mention how some people that normally are pacifist start talking about guillotines at the mention of royalty. Generally Kings and Queens don’t give up their power without a fight so the guillotines have been necessary in the past. Why would they give up the incredible benefits of divine right? I can’t think of any royalty that wasn’t forced in one way or another to give up their power. If your royal families were somehow coerced into their isolation it would be much more believable.

Then there’s the power, influence and wealth, which are nothing without others to witness it and weld it over. A King with no subjects isn’t a King, he’s just another plebe. Similarly, you can have all the money in the world but if nobody knows then what’s the point? So I don’t see how royalty could isolate itself from its people in the way suggested without breaking the basic rules of human nature. The link to divinity might give you a way though, if they saw themselves as preserving a religious ideal, like hermits, isolation could be a kind of religious discipline for them..

Cycling provision in OGF cities over 4 years ago

@ trabantemnaksiezyc, yes because denying that the moon landings didn’t happen would be a joke, right?

Cycling provision in OGF cities over 4 years ago

@ trabantemnaksiezyc, wrong again mate..

Cycling provision in OGF cities over 4 years ago

Yeah man made climate change, it’s a hoax and a bilk right? Think about it, the international scientific community.. what do they know? Next weeks ‘controversial’ topic for discussion, did the moon landing actually happen?

Welcome to Barra da Grama, Brasonia over 4 years ago

Fantastic stuff, how full the place feels and with so many little details, this is very neat.

Turtlefruits DO GO on Pizacyros!!! (funny news article) over 4 years ago

Yes, what is this turtlefruit we are hearing so much about in the media? And would go nicely with some ice-cream and a slice of this Gay Cake?

Maintenance downtime over 4 years ago


Maintenance downtime over 4 years ago

Thanks to everyone involved. I’m grateful for the time and effort put in, not only, for this update but the work behind the scenes of the entire OFG project, it’s very much appreciated.

Possible origins of Christianity (Christic Movement) in our OGF World. over 4 years ago

I don’t usually comment on the user diaries but this is, in my opinion, one of the worst suggestions I’ve seen since signing up to OGF. This fictional world can’t agree a common climate yet so why would we consider trying to tie down something as complex and emotive religions? Besides, some of the most interesting stuff I’ve seen here has also been the least connected with the ‘real’ and this is way too real.. As others have said.. a minefield.

Antarephia Climate almost 5 years ago

@aiki, kudos my friend, an amazing piece of work, you should be very proud, many thanks! How long did it take you? Do you plan to submit your map to the wiki?

Languages of OpenGeofiction users almost 5 years ago

Really interesting, stuff, I wonder how these percentages compare to language use in the map. I’m fluent in English and have reasonable French but I’m not planning to use either in my territory. But I suppose English or Ingerish will still be the largest grouping.

Let's talk plagues almost 5 years ago

Your comment reminded me of the - In Our Time - podcast produced by the BBC that I listened to recently on the Black Death. Three experts in their fields discuss their given topic for 45minutes. I’d recommend the entire series to anyone interested in history, culture, science. Some of the topics are very relevant to people making up maps of made-up civilisations. All downloadable for free.

Here’s a link to the Black Death episode.

Might provide some insight into a fiction infection!

I'm new with questions and stuffs :P almost 5 years ago

I started using the JOSM software last night for the first time, it’s amazing, a million times more powerful than the browser interface!