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History timeline of Karamska Republika Federalna (Karamsk's Federal Republic)

Posted by seeraof on 2 September 2016 in English (English)

911 - 1st village created in Southern part of Karamskie Lake. Name of village is Perwa. 923 - There is 17 more villages nearby of Perwa. 942 - First King of Perwa is forcing people from every village about 70 km far from Capital to become his property. 1032 - 1450 - war with tribes living nearer of sea. 1451 - 1512 - time of peace and development of Perwian Kingdom. Nov. 13 1512 - Enemous army burned Capital City and 4327 villages in south- western part of Kingdom. They took this area 1 year later. King had to escape Capital City and Run Away to safer villages. He stayed in Village named Sawra. 1513 - Sawra became city and Capital of Kingdom. 1645 - Sawra bigger than Perwa. 1919 - First democratic electron after death of last King Piotr XXVIII. 1920 - Changed name of Country to Karamska Republika (Karamsk's Republic) April 15 1936 - Agarderia started war with Karamska Republika, breaking border wall 24 km in the east from Weerhay (Werlanowice). They took this area after 1,5 years of fighting. 1939 - Karamsk's Republic changed system of law and became Federal Republic. 1940 - In eastern part of country Created Federal Area of Restricted Enter. In 1936 Agarderian Army used nuclear bombs there. 2016 - Opened first road between Karamska Republika Federalna and Agarderia.

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