Mapper since: December 30, 2014 | Contributor terms: Accepted over 6 years ago

Mainly editing in Rhododactylia with occasional edits in other blue countries for the moment and elsewhere as invitations are extended. Frogtown is almost entirely my work and the first city I made on OGF.

OME = Other miscellaneous edits ORE = Other related edits OMARE = Other miscellaneous and related edits OMAORE = Other miscellaneous and/or related edits

Please don't take it personally if I comment that I made something of yours "a bit less of a botch" or something similar. I've done the same to my own earlier mapping many, many more times. Even though I use JOSM, I've been mapping on OGF since the very end of 2014 (three years and counting) and a lot of my earlier mapping left quite a bit to be desired as I had not mastered some of the finer points of JOSM use (despite having mapped on OSM for quite some time using JOSM prior to trying my hand at OGF).

If you're using iD please remember layer=1 (or higher) on bridge=* and layer=-1 (or lower), and that intersecting roads need to have nodes at the intersection. This accounts for almost 90% of the cleanup work I've done around the country.