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What happend in the last half year? about 2 months ago

This place is not dead and will never die. Check out the recent changes on the map here, in average one edit every 2min bb.

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale 3 months ago

Well I'd embed it directly from Wikimedia Commons if I'd need it.

Images and Articles Closing Down Sale 3 months ago

3rd image - August 21st, 1968 in Bucharest, Palace Square. Iconic.

Edited Eredum Adding Some Nice Touches 3 months ago

I've been working on this city everyday for over two months and I've not yet asked for feedback on the User Diaries... Silly me 🤦... I added 47,340 nodes, 4,046 handdrawn streets and some nice touches like 135 parks, 7 fully mapped train stations, 672 buildings (ikr not even worth mentioning) and I need ideas for what to do tomorrow, should I delete one neighborhood and replace it with a 2,000ft building named "Hirschen", Maltokland style? 🤔

Yay! 3 months ago

Wow, I'm dead. A not yet mapped city with no name. What exactly do you want feedback on?

I wish 3 months ago

ok seriously, where is that giant fidget spinner? I was looking for it for weeks... anyway, I completely agree with you and don't worry, the admins are currently planning new, more organized blue territories for the future.

Farms, how must size? 3 months ago

You're an OGF creator - you're the GOD of you're land, feel free to make them as big or as small as you want, as long as their size doesn't look unrealistic. Also American farms are that huge because they are mass producing a lot, in Europe farming is still very traditional many times. Think about what would be more realistic for your country, also take into consideration the government type of your country, its history, its wealth and location.

What's This? 3 months ago

No, if a move takes longer than 5 minutes to upload (if the map renders while you upload your move), these ways always show up

What's This? 3 months ago

It's someone moving a piece of mapping across the OGF world, that's what it looks like when it happens

Loken Regional Airport 4 months ago

@Zhenkang I didn't mean it sarcastically at all, I learned about runway tagging while mapping the International Airport in Bărădin, Antharia and I was very impressed seeing a beginner like computerfan0 doing it right while more advanced mappers like you have absolutely no idea about it and choose random and completely irrelevant runway names (see the International Airport in Odessa, ~Ukraine~ Singkangia). Also the scale of the airport is fine, as runways for general aviation for example can be as short as around 800ft (which it is).

Loken Regional Airport 4 months ago

wow, good job on the runway tagging :o

Flooded 4 months ago

@Rayx I feel you buddy, I am not a native English speaker either

Random Names 4 months ago

@FancyFoxy I don't wanna repeat myself but wouldn't Unicornitania be a good name for your country too? I mean the derivation would be from Unicorn

Random Names 4 months ago

@Luciano I think there is a difference between creating a culture in which it's normal to name cities "North Capital" or "Capital City" and having no culture at all, naming cities random words off the dictionary succeeded by "City", which happens a lot on OGF and which is the problem addressed in this thread. It's ridiculous to defend these "creators" and putting them on the same level as Goryeo dynasty rulers.

My new city; Ville de Desirs. 4 months ago

We might be a wonderful community, but personally, I'm not that nice when it comes to pretty ridiculous city names, I mean, the "City of Desires" and Persil - The Laundry Detergent... Please try to find some more fitting city names that don't hit the verisimilitude too bad in the face and some more original ones that won't make the viewer think about dirty laundry. Check out the real world map of France for inspiration, please.

Random Names 5 months ago

the etymology of "Antharia"? hmm idk @trabantemnaksiezyc came up with this name as he owned the territory before I did. I just went with the name because I liked it, but I don't know what it means or where it comes from..

Important stuff 5 months ago

no problem :)

Important stuff 5 months ago

You can use the "Query Features" tool on the right sidebar on OpenGeofiction as well as on OpenStreetMap to find out what tags you'll need to use to draw various elements. A capital city needs the tag capital=yes.

Hi 5 months ago

Hello, I have been a member here for almost 2 years and I've been really active pretty much all the time. So... greetings back...

Drawing faster 5 months ago

Maybe this could help