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e 26 days ago

Why ask when you can find absolutely anything you need to know about how these things work on satellite images of real world places and about how mapping works on

eeeee 28 days ago

You have a territory of your own that is supposed to be developed - by you, however you have barely touched it in the last 5 months. Please focus on that for now.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? about 2 months ago

@Jamie The connection between the Sea of Uthyra and the Asperic Ocean is not a strait, it's an about 500km/300mi wide corridor of international waters, so shipping routes would historically and presently not pass through your port unless you give them a good reason to, by mapping a great port city worthy of being an international shipping line destination and having been one in the past, which you still can do as much as you could before. Currently you're very inactive and have barely made any edits to your territory though.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? 2 months ago

@histor It's a thought I’ve had for a while, I'll tell you in detail what I mean sometimes in the future.

@Jamie Clumpas Read the discussion more carefully, there are full paragraphs about the strait on that talk page. The change isn’t related to your area in any way really, except that you now can add French or Arabic influenced to your country if you so desire. However, if you have arguments against the strait, you are more than welcome to express them, the changes are only sketches at the moment anyway.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? 2 months ago

After the big changes in Archanta and West Uletha and the changes to come to East Uletha and Tarephia, shipping lines would need to be heavily reorganized, after all we now have many new potential world port locations in the FSA and the new former colonial powers in West Uletha, while other former shipping line destinations are lost. I would prefer if the OGF rules for shipping lines were stricter and drawing international lines was limited to only one or a few users in the future.

What's going on around UL 206 & 207? 2 months ago - the creation of this strait has been first proposed here, where you can also find the main reasons for the change. Also on the map in histor style there are additional notes on the new territories created around the strait. There is a whole lot that needs to be changed about Central West Uletha on the wiki, but this will happen only after the big changes on the map are done.

German Quarter in Gautig 4 months ago

As someone who has lived in Munich for 17 years of his life, I wish you the best of luck and look forward to not be disappointed

help using JOSM (new user) 6 months ago

About the JOSM questions, take a look at any JOSM tutorials, like this:

I've moved your edits here.

The Trumpets of the Apocalypse - A Nightmare of Civil Engineering 9 months ago

wow apparently my self confidence hasn't been shattered enough today, now this

Specifics of UL303 9 months ago

I've somehow forgot responding to your request, however the mapping you've done in Vertbourne is not enough to request a territory in West Uletha. The culture you've used in your mapping does not look European/Middle Eastern, the mapping doesn't show you understand how European/Middle Eastern urbanism works and the land use you've drawn around it is not enough either. Also because UL303 is a island nation I'd like you to map an island first too.

Unavailable territories 9 months ago

I've actually thought of proposing you that territory for your future project. In West Uletha, some territories are grey if I don't know what exactly to do with them yet.

My Beautiful Lady, You Will Rise Again ! :( 11 months ago

💔 - I'm heartbroken and speechless. I've been on its towers not even a month ago. Seeing centuries of history and a building I've fallen in love with slowly turning into ashes completely tears me up.

Moving territory 11 months ago

I think you can just select all conflicts by clicking on one and then pressing CTRL A. Then you can solve them at once by right-clicking and either solving them all to your version or to "their's".

This entry can be deleted 11 months ago

Misusing diacritics on OGF like that is almost quite offensive to me actually. I think this shouldn't be allowed on OGF.

I liked your former country Naajaland and I thought it would become a great country, as you seem to know a lot about Greenland (and you probably could also connect to its culture). I'm quite disappointed to see you give it up just because you can't handle the coastlines. I think X̶̣͙̫̀̔͝e̸̬̐͑͝s̸̡̬̪̐i̸̦͍͇̓̽s̶̫̳̒̋̆t̸̯͗͊̍ā̸̛̭́ń̶̟̩ is a strong decline in your mapping career and you'll probably regret to have given up Naajaland later.

Realistic Mapping 11 months ago

@ruadh Well in geofiction we are lucky enough to have an objective realistic artwork that can be imitated in any situation - the OSM map. This is not the case in other art forms, where you have to go through and understand many different subjective works to be able to create your own artistic identity.

Realistic Mapping 11 months ago

If I would write a message to a neighbor saying that what he does is unrealistic I would always add links to OpenStreetMap examples where he could find inspiration. So if you need general advice on how to map -

Mapping on OpenGeofiction is art, we are the artists and our mapping is our painting. What we all understand under good mapping is different, as there is no way of objectively telling what mapping style is good or realistic. According to my view on "realistic mapping", many (if not most) places on OpenStreetMap are unrealistic. Sharing my mapping style with you would not mean sharing techniques (you'll find them in OSM tutorials) but my mapping identity, which includes more than just lines and polygons. It includes experience and emotions (the maps I draw actually have an emotional connection to me). It developed in the three years I've been on this website through drawing, deleting, redrawing, attempting new stuff, but also the 10 years before that, when I've been drawing maps per hand - it takes time to find your own mapping style and indentity. It doesn't work by blatantly attempting to copy someone else's mapping identity, there is much more to a mapping identity than just the map. If you had a true passion in geofiction you would already know this.

Found a part in North Uletha that has a lot of landuse things 12 months ago

Restart with a territory 12 months ago

FAQ > Mapping Basics

"Exposed" 12 months ago

I am very open about my "weird" hobbies and people around me seem to be interested in what I do, especially when it comes to hand drawing street grids. Sometimes I purposely draw cities in public spots like train stations and love to see how people react - many people seem very interested and start asking me about it. Many times I've gotten feedback on my OGF work from friends and as expression of gratitude I add references to them on the map. My brother has joined OGF too around the same time as I did but unfortunately he's lost interest in it now.

Colonization 12 months ago

There is an interesting forum discussion you might want to take a look at: