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I'm opening my country for all mappers about 1 year ago

G'day Mike, Others have given you some really good suggestions here, and I'm not convinced it would be fair for me, a relative newbie, to offer too much in the way of advice. However, what I do have is a couple of decades life experience in Australia, so I do have a few comments to make about making the most out of your Australian inspiration.

  • Australia's population density is concentrated around the coast, particularly the east coast, and of our few cities, they very much suffer from suburban sprawl. The area you've mapped around Diamond Coast nails that perfectly, although I'd consider downgrading the other cities to either town or suburb level.
  • Concurring with @iiEarth above with respect to highways. Most remote and rural roads would barely constitute anything above a primary level; generally two lanes wide, possibly with sections for overtaking on long stretches, and usually undivided. Motorways are rare outside of the cities, but there are some exceptions to this. Consider using trunk routes to large settlements outside of Diamond Coast, and primary (and lower) routes elsewhere.
  • Avoid using grids - outside of city centres, most suburbs look more like Creekside and less like Banega.

Take all of this with your discretion, especially since you're not recreating the real world country but merely using it as your inspiration.

All the best with your promising nation! Jay