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Spot Lights and Red Carpets Here, Cinasia's Movie Industry about 1 month ago

I would create a main street in it trying to imitate the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ching Sha, A tropical atoll about 1 month ago

Nice as always. Good job

Hello! about 2 months ago

I agree with austinhuang. I also propose to change names:

  • Catalina to Santa Catalina (a proper name like that looks weird)
  • Tarifa: it already exists in my country and it's a wellknown place because it's the southern city in mailand Spain.
Change of the shape of San Marcos 2 months ago

I find it interesting. I'll take it into account. Thank you

Change of the shape of San Marcos 2 months ago

@whateversusan If you can, do a little sketch to show me your idea please. Thank you

Country Idea: Dedos Piedra 4 months ago

If "Dedos Piedras" is a translation of "Fingers Rocks" or something like that, it sounds horrible and makes no sense

Map of languages in the Wiki 10 months ago

De verdad, no tenéis nombre. Me hace gracia porque cada vez que cualquiera hace algo para mejorar la wiki o cualquier cosa, volvéis a ponerlo como estaba antes, que era un auténtico desastre por no decir otra cosa porque encima me banearían.

Ni me voy a rayar por esto, porque es un sin sentido. La última vez que hago nada para la comunidad.

That is the end of the thread.

Map of languages in the Wiki 10 months ago

In addition, you have talked about colangs. There is no problem if there are languages that are not real. You can go to my country and see a black region which says "Sawiri", without a real world equivalent, because it's a colang.

Map of languages in the Wiki 10 months ago

La que se está liando.

I did this map because the other one was full of lost countries and those points were not accurate at all. Do you want to contibute in this map? Add your country.

In addition, I won't add countries with more than one language, because I would have to create relations to extract the points, and the owner of each country is the one who better knows where is each language spoken in his own country.

You are not obligated to follow what I said. It's just my advice. It's not necessary to get triggered for that.

An actual year of mapping about 1 year ago

So nice, but I think that you should add landuse=residential

A mini icebreaker - how do you name your own territory about 1 year ago

The first name of San Marcos in Commonia was "Gillastöo & Olla". Gillastöo was a city already created and Olla means "valley" in Spanish.

Then I changed it into a more Spanish style: Gillastó y Olla.

And after that I started to use San Marcos.

Help to colonize Tintaille (Commonia) over 1 year ago

Also, in Spain we have 2 special regions (Navarre and the Basque Countries) and a special little region (Val d'Aran) which are not islands, but mainland Spain.

A special region does not have to be an island!

@iiEarth Thank you, but I prefer to stay in San Marcos, because I have already started to create cities and stuff, and I like the way I'm doing it.