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Christism in OGF 21 days ago

A: Ladies and gentlemen, this is it, we need to come up with a creative name for a christian religion B: Christism A: Amazing… truly creatively tought!

town disappears at higher zoom levels about 2 months ago

I happens on some higher zooms, just zoom even further and it should work (unless the render is lagging or something)

Beta Testing 5 months ago


Wiki fixed? 10 months ago

Finally, no 1990’s like loading times on the wiki.

Potlatch & Flash about 1 year ago

Only used potlathchh once

i think the majority here used iD or JOSM, but only used potlatch because “it was there”

[ATTENTION NEW USERS: READ THE BLUEBOOK FIRST!!!] How about making an OGF mod for Civ V? about 1 year ago

I once tried to make a OGF mod for victoria 2 (see my bliki)

I need to say that it is no deal, Vic 2 itself is far more complex than Civ V.

If you really want to do this take in account Civ V has a limit on how many players can be on the map at once, this limit is imposed by the DLLs of the game.

Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! over 1 year ago

Amazing trick

Extensive Zoning Project over 1 year ago

recommendation: use JOSM.

i’m a ex-iD mapper wich supported it for many time, but once i tried JOSM it made everything easier(TM)

i’d recommend you take a look at the FAQ, it has a tutorial on how to do JOSM

also fastdraw and continous downloader plugins will be of much help, specially because it’s near natural features, wich normally are wiggled

Uzkesh over 1 year ago

@Tito_zz Surian

Help almost 2 years ago

Administrative boundary are lines that forms a relation/polygon, in which your country is a polygon. But as @theruler said, they should be let to experienced users.

Diamond Coast will come to life thanks to this amazing app I found over 2 years ago

I wished really wish to play C:S, but its too much overload for my PC ;-;

Hi everybody over 2 years ago

Its ok for me,

-Jesus Antonio (SuperLeaf 1995)

Bienvenidos a Nacuitlán (y aclaración del tamaño de la capital) almost 3 years ago

The buildings are still big…

Establishing a military alliance like NATO almost 3 years ago

I think FSA has the role of “protect smaller countries” (I just think)

Ogf+YouTube almost 3 years ago

Okey, thanks everyone for their answers!

National/Provincial Parks almost 3 years ago


National/Provincial Parks almost 3 years ago

@TheIlluminix p l a y e r

this is not simcity my boi

Outcost New Town almost 3 years ago

Tbh is bad

Has anyone ever made a 'height map' of the OGF world? almost 3 years ago

Yeet @JoJoBa, Roantra is thilo’s

Why ingerland a dominant power? almost 3 years ago

Ok luciano, sorry for bad words.