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Back at it 3 months ago

I have much to learn, i will keep to Mycenia for a bit making progress in my city building.

i need help over 3 years ago

not very

hi over 3 years ago

thx for the advice I didn't think of that before

hi over 3 years ago

thank you trabantemnaksiezyc making geography is difficult because I cant use josm with ChromeOS

New nation. over 3 years ago

hello GeoMAPS i have also just created a new country named cordinia maybe we can bounce ideas off each other through message and P.S. don't post a lot in the diaries it is for big updates not small questions

sincerely, Swissmapping

happy mapping

Tips for creating a medium sized city over 3 years ago

hello i like your design of your town and my only questions are why is there only a section of the river and that might just be a glitch and there is a primary road leading no where like Marcello said you need the physical features i also think you need to construct the road then the town but that's my opinion

Happy mapping

new country over 3 years ago

thanks Litvania for the advice oh i am from Schaffhausen there is lots of tourism and i like to travel a lot so i speak English

new country over 3 years ago

thank you i will consider it

new country over 3 years ago

I will make the suburbs have character and the city

new country over 3 years ago

Thank you for the advice i will map the small towns first

new country over 3 years ago

i would love that. when i got the country there was a city there but i'm going to leave it until later i have a few ideas on what to do with the physical features, I am also starting a village on the shore to get the capital started and to make it realistic

Rovigna, Teberia over 3 years ago

I like the compact style you are going for I think you did a great gob and it would blend in with an European city also nice location on a river is how most European cities were built

hi over 3 years ago

i would only recommend this feature in big compact cities that lead somewhere so you don't have random highways over the city that do nothing just to make it more realistic

I'm Back over 3 years ago

I tried to make them more squarish but I don't want to take the time to fix it but I will see if I can fix the runways

I'm Back over 3 years ago

also check pot my prison

hello over 3 years ago


what do you mean

Pretoria (First City) over 3 years ago

hey there I just started and am still learning but I am forming a small city just north of your's