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Tip for wiki loading at normal speed! 11 months ago

The wiki problem could probably lie in the style then. That’s possible if the wiki loads faster with the other style.

I forgot how bad iD used to be about 1 year ago

My opinions;

JOSM shouldn’t be “ugh”. JOSM is much more free than iD and does have personalisation features. It is also excellent for plugins and more support for imagery (including tracing, maybe via a plan drawn on paper or on computer), something which iD lacks unfortunately. Not to say adm. boundaries, relations etc.

If you do not like JOSM, then I respect that. If you aren’t a frequent user of JOSM, I recommend just trying once again.

Anyway, to iD versions;

Its hard to “just” update iD. It’s a complicated piece of software. First you’ll need to know that the OGF website is run on “ Ruby on Rails “ as the UI. Then you’ll need to know that iD is run on Javascript, which further complicates matters.

As I see it, there is no “big” necessity for such an update unfortunately, and I suppose that Thilo already has many things to do, and this complicated matter will make it a distant reality.

You could eventually try Potlatch. It’s like a mix of iD and JOSM. Also has good and decent features which can be compared to JOSM.

North Archanta language translations about 1 year ago

Is there going to be a clean-up of some sort maybe?

My Plans on Pipe Bay in Duvar about 1 year ago

Looking decent, but the place you’ve mapped in is not relevant to the language of your mapping. The place you are mapping in right now is currently Asian-style, which means that English (or Ingerish in OGF terms), is best to be avoided.

The reason for changsets not loading? over 1 year ago

Things do require patience. Sometimes the server can run a little bit slow. Rendering is powered by the Sometimes during nightime in Europe, rendering can take a little while because I suppose the server is based in Germany or something near.

What do you think about my first town? over 1 year ago

Good start. The scale is actually not too off, it’s actually quite accurate. I can see you developed some historicality, a good start.

How to fix this? over 1 year ago

Ah. I see. First, you need to mark your forest as a relation (multipolygon) and mark the meadow stuff as “inner” with your forest relation. This works best with JOSM as per my personal experience.

Good luck


Calling for foreign companies to operate in Vang Ngat, Kuehong over 1 year ago

Kent Qatar is a major private train service which delivers train parts and produces trains to the National Train Service which owns around 25% of the Kushyan sector of Kent Qatar. We would like to introduce Kent Qatar to Kuehong, where there will be produced modern, stabile and optimistic trains, together with maintaining current trains in Kuehong, contributing to the train and locomtive service in the country.

How do I request a territory? over 1 year ago

It is all about being patient first and foremost. Admin’s are working each day hard, so not everybody gets a territory immediately. Messaging admin one time is enough, they will most likely have seen your message - you just have to wait for a reply.

While waiting, map in a blue territory or ask to be a part of a collaborative project. Try to develop your skills while waiting. Our skills are developing with each changeset, so even the professionals are developing themselves.

I can see you mapping all fine - and there is plenty of room to develop your skills.

Regards, theruler

Help over 1 year ago

Just beware that admin boundaries should be kept to “professionals”, creating them at this point could rig up all other admin-boundaries, and it wont look very good.

Map in Commonia or in other blue territories, and after admin has seen you as active and as mapping more, I hope for you a territory.

  • Theruler
A proposal for blue countries' capital over 1 year ago

It’s beginner territory, you can’t expect much. With that being said, It is not possible to create coherency at its perfect.

Examples should be brought from OSM, not OGF. Gobras City has some Washington D.C. influence, for example.

Seek inspiration from openStreetmap.

can someone make trifinia harca again over 1 year ago

Look at the edit history of the way. Just zoom in on the border and click “query”. There you can find the recent change to the territory and further history.

To change the name, click on the relation “trifnia” or your country code ABxxx.

Then see the name tag and change it to Harca.

If you need help feel free to contact me.

Uploading .ogg file to wiki gives error. over 1 year ago

There is nothing wrong in putting your own work in Commons. If you want to restrict usage, you can always mark it as “my own work” and put creative commons or copyright on.

In general, the wiki and the website is a bit dated in terms of today, such as UI and capabilities (iD) and Wiki (Visual Editor)

A proposal for blue countries. over 1 year ago
  1. Comment from Mapping Expert: We cannot do much to establish “something national” (language, history, wiki content) in blue countries, as they constantly change and new users usually focus only on entering the OGF world. If we try to do so, we could disinterested many users looking to create their country in OGF.
A proposal for blue countries. over 1 year ago

I feel like something is misunderstood, since there is no point in creating coherency in blue countries, for instance Commonia, it would make it non-canon to say.

Instead of making it canon, we could incorporate “coherency-making” filler, non-mapped countries, which do not have an article of their own, but rather would, lets say, for example an article about a country neighboring Commonia.

Instead of saying;”A war happened between Exampleland and Commonia in 1983”, it could be like this: “A war happened between Exampleland and Fictivenation in 1983”, so it would become canon.

I understand that some blue countries are in fact coherent in some ways or another, and they could maybe become canon in their own ways, but as of Commonia, it is non-canon and should not be included in an article describing:”The Great War of Commonia and Examplia (1983-1998).” or the Great Famine etc,

They should NOT be mapped, NOR described in the wiki (like a terriotry, at least.) , but it should fill the place of wars and diplomacy in the wiki instead of Commonia.

Happy New Year! over 1 year ago

Happy new Year!

I need help with a mapping error please. over 1 year ago

No problem :)

OpenGeofiction Geographic Map over 1 year ago

Probably, i think the discussion has ended between us now

OpenGeofiction Geographic Map over 1 year ago

Yes, so you know like Google Street View when you drag the man and you see all those dots on the map, it reminds a bit of that

OpenGeofiction Geographic Map over 1 year ago

@niski Oh, now i understand, thank you