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Backups broken since 2019-12-07? over 2 years ago

It’s indeed obvious from the file sizes that there must be something going wrong. I’ll have a look into it.

Roll back certain things almost 3 years ago

Restored it. For a single way, the Undelete plugin is the preferred method (but the way ID must be known).

Why won't my countries info code right? about 3 years ago

Fixed it. To see what was wrong, look at the “difference” view:

Area size calculator about 3 years ago

@Duncan: please make a new diary post for this question, or post it in the forum. This is an old thread, where only very few people might notice it. Even more important, make sure include a link to the affected relation, such as for example

TopoMap about 3 years ago

The lower zoom levels of the TopoMap have been updated.

Those updates happen irregularly, because the TopoMap has a separate rendering database for lower levels, which cannot be updated incrementally.

Interestingly, as Luciano noted, it is actually a fact that railway data are read from the lowzoom database up to level 11, whereas for landuse it’s only level 10:

Capital City - Streets gone mad about 3 years ago

I remember that one. It’s Dunkirk.

Wiki password problems over 3 years ago

Sorry for not replying before. I totally overlooked your message. There was indeed no email address associated with your wiki account, which I just fixed. Please try again. If it still doesn’t work, let me know; I’ll then set a temporary password manually.

Proposal: a new standard for maritime boundaries over 3 years ago

Seconding the use of “maritime=yes”. As mstr said, this is indeed what determines which boundaries to draw at zoom levels 0-3.

How many inhabitants? over 3 years ago

I’d say less than Barcelona, but more than Valencia:

Also I was thinking about the possibility of counting the buildings via an Overpass query, and then multiplying by a suitable factor. To get some idea about the factor, I googled for “inhabitants per building”, and among the results this paper came up, which appears to describe a process like that (for real-world cities using OSM data):

Should a new territory admin be designated? over 3 years ago

As has been mentioned above, the admin team has been expanded recently:

Which will enable us to get the territory grant process started again. Expect an announcement soon.

My glacier doesn't want to be rendered over 3 years ago

The way is not properly closed:

Nominatim over 3 years ago

The search box was always there, but because I never intended to install Nominatim, I built a workaround solution based on the Overpass API. I’m going to enable that one again. Until the, you can use a similar search mechanism here:

Note that the search is strictly limited to the displayed map area. Slower than Nominatim, especially when the search area is large.

The direction finder, unfortunately, cannot as easily be replaced, so I’m going to remove it for now.

Let me also add that the Nominatim/Routing outage doesn’t have anything to do with Isleño’s recent inactivity. Those services were provided by user “martinum4” who has indeed been missing for a while.

Five Years of OGF almost 4 years ago

The exact date was 1 September 2013.

Overview Map "Forbidden almost 4 years ago

Oops, my fault. Messed up some directory permissions, should be fixed now.

Interstate Freeway 45 and the Peakton Cliff about 4 years ago

It looks like the “cliff” started out as the “land_area=administrative” relation for Commonia, and then seriously degraded over time. Finally some rather clueless mapper added the “natural=cliff” tag, which doesn’t make any sense at all. At least that tag should be removed, and the “land_area” relation in its current state isn’t of much use also:

Would it be worth the effort of repairing and then maintaining it? I don’t know.

Any possible way to see past versions of OGF? about 4 years ago

The OSM software keeps old object versions in the database, with timestamp. So, theoretically it should be possible to extract a snapshot for any given date, with a suitable tool.

But there’s also a much easier method: I still have many old export files lying around somewhere, even if they’re not available on the backup page anymore. If there’s interest, I could upload some of them again. Of course, you’d still have to find a way to render them.

Redeveloping Ellmouth about 4 years ago


Probably not, but I don’t know.

Redeveloping Ellmouth about 4 years ago

For local rendering of .osm files, try Maperitive.

Very promising new WebGL globe about 4 years ago

Also, let me add that I’m open to replacing the night map by a more convincing one, if someone takes on the effort to create one.

Very promising new WebGL globe about 4 years ago

You’re correct about the script, but the tags used are


The generated image is here:

Each pixel’s brightness is directly determined by the number of highway nodes projected into that location, with values ranging from 0 - 255 (with the value set to 255 if the node count is higher).

In a first version, I used all types of highways without regard of the tag value. The only reason I didn’t use it, was that Roantra came out much to bright because of its comparatively high density of small country roads. IMO it’s still too bright, but now more acceptable.