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Giliarca, finally. over 2 years ago

Great to see the city finished. Congratulations !

My Beautiful Lady, You Will Rise Again ! :( over 2 years ago

When you pass in front of Notre Dame every day to go to work, somehow, you consider it is eternal, that this view will never chnage.

You don’t even look at it anymore.

This morning was different.

Lyc Union over 2 years ago

And this

Vivion Dealing Warheads over 2 years ago

“overdiarification” +1

"Exposed" over 2 years ago

OGF is my secret garden. I haven’ shared it yet.

STRANGE CITY almost 3 years ago

The French is not OK (I am french)

Mapper's Challenge #26 — December 2018 — It's all fun and games… almost 3 years ago

This is not new either but I made a few sports complexes in Valoris * Parc de Lambermont dedicated to many sports and opened to every one. * Tennis Club * The main stadium here used both for soccer and concerts.

Happy mapping

Mapper's Challenge #23 — September 2018 — Back to School about 3 years ago

Here is my contribution to this mounth Challenge. EPV is an important public engineering school located in Valoris, Broceliande. It is supposed to be the best academic university in the country for Enginneering and sciences in general. I might expand the campus in the nexr days.

Mapper's Challenge #14 - October 2017 - By Air and By Sea about 4 years ago

For this challenge, I’ll go on detailling the port and airport of Tassia, here. It is a touristic hub which give access to many islands.

The ferry terminal and the airport are linked by an automatic shuttle.

The oldest parts of the port have become marinas.


Mapping suburban areas about 4 years ago


I have this exemple of how I “finished” a European-styled city here.

Around the city historical core, you have several examples of transition between urban areas and countryside. The main idea is that the development of new suburbs followed the historical roads and of natural features (here mainly the river on the north). Then you have the creation of a ring road which became the support for newer development (including retail and industries).


Call for proposals: The Kojolese Chancellery over 4 years ago


This is a very interesting post. First of all, you have to choose the concept, the key idea that guided the reconstruction after the fire: a memorial park with governmental buildings or a governmental district with a memorial park? Answering this question will guide the whole reconstruction plan.

Then what did the Kojolese government and the city of Pyingshum wanted? * A car friendly area/a pedestrian area (this issue in the 1980ies was not what it is today!) * To keep or not to keep ruins? * Big footprint buildings? Smaller connected buildings? * A classical composition (symmetric…) or a more random composition? * Skyscrapers/no skyscrapers? * Traditionnal Kojolese style or international/modernist buidings? * New amenities for the city? Like a new concert hall or a new museum…

Try to answer all these questions and then the mapping should be easier.

Happy mapping!

Cruise Lines over 4 years ago

Excellent idea.

You can had routes for your company on the southern coast of Broceliande and in the Midi Islands. Big ships would have acces only to Troie, Polignac, Belleville, Tassia and Lympie ports. For smaller destinations, you’d need to create shuttles between the coast and the ships.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for the exact location of the cruise terminals.

Serveur Discord francophone pour OGF ! over 4 years ago


Effectivement la communauté francophone n’est pas hyper présente sur OGF (tout du moins en Français)… Ceci explique peut-être l’absence de “mère patrie” Francophone dans l’Ouest d’Uletha.

Je ne connais pas Discord, mais de mémoire il y a eu un/des clash entre les administrateurs OGF, certains utilisateurs et les modérateurs Discord donc l’expérience a tourné court. Personnellement je ne connais pas cette plate forme.

Il y a peut être d’autres moyens via le wiki par exemple de structurer cette communauté. Il serait aussi intéressant de développer les articles FR dans le Wiki (j’ai vu que tu avais commencé).

A bientôt pour échanger.


February is almost gone, take a look at what I've done (in Drahns) almost 5 years ago

So far it seems very good. Keep going :) And yes, i’d like an embassy.


(omnomnom)nominatim almost 5 years ago

This is great. Really

What I've been working on almost 5 years ago

I am always happy to see that mappers deal with mountainous areas! (especially as i made the choice to map a mountainous country).

Making Kingsbury Better almost 5 years ago

The city looks amazing. Just go on mapping :)

I am looking forward to see more of it.


Coffee Break Construction: January 2017 almost 5 years ago

Good idea ! I have done this one in Belleville. Thomas

Year in Review: Trevers almost 5 years ago

Hi, Trevers is a city that i often look and not only because it is close to where i map. Congratulations on your progress, the city looks very good. I really like the port/coast design. Go on :)

Real World Equivalents? almost 5 years ago

Broceliande has influences from the south of France.