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Eäßnordæland! 17 days ago

*conlang (-_-)

Eäßnordæland! 17 days ago

Eassnoordelaand? Eessnordaleend? I'm not even sure how to pronounce it, man. If you're making a conland you need to crack down on some of these diacritics, this is waaay to overcomplicated, to the point that it might breach the Verisimiltunde rule.

I think you really need to watch Artifexian's series on conlanging.

Transit Map 19 days ago

Any vector graphics editing software (Inkscape, Corel). These tend to be expensive though. Free alternatives like Inkscape aren't good (unless you are very used to them), so don't bother.

I'm NEW 23 days ago

Well, if you read everything then you should be good to go! In the Wiki there is more helpful pages and if you haven't seen these already then I'd recommend taking a look at them as well - you'll find them under Help and Resources on the Main Page of the Wiki. They cover everything from planning to mapping and a lot of other stuff.

I wish about 1 month ago

I dream of a day less in which there aren't any more diary entries that don't change anything, and instead whine about the current state...

As far as I remember, admins said on multiple occasions that they are planning a reorganisation of these blue countries of some sort. There are whole wiki talk pages filled with discussions about the blue countries. Just look in them, because there were already a lot of people who had similar thoughts to yours.

New Province Council is Installed 2 months ago

There isn't any "France" in the OGF world, so you might want to change the FCU's and FL's name.

Random Names 3 months ago

To be honest Antharia comes from nowhere, I just made it up because I needed some name and I didn't think about the meaning. I decided that it sounds "enough like a country" so I went with it. It's not even close to any Polish word. Shilesia is just a mixed up version of Silesia.

Random Names 3 months ago

Greenland is named so because the viking who came here wanted others to come as well. Think of this name as the first example of fake advertisement ;) .

Rodana S1 E1 – The beginning and the port problem 5 months ago


I just wanted to point out that the so called "User Diaries" aren't in fact user diaries. They used to be a place for communication (something like a Forum) until most of the discussion has moved into the actual wiki-forum. Anyway, if you want to make periodical updates on your mapping then I'd suggest creating a bliki (a Wiki-based blog).



Just a suggestion to nation owners 6 months ago

How is it inconvinient for you? You don't see an unnamed place=* tag on the map anyway. I'm placing these as kind of a plan.

Land for Ölle people 6 months ago

^ also, I think that it's worth noting that OGF is not a role-play community, and "user diaries" aren't really used as diaries in here. Just for future reference ;) .

I finally made a town! -Naophis 6 months ago

Mate, calm down a bit! I know that the name might be implying otherwise, but User Diaries are more of an important information/huge projects board than well... diaries ;) . You've made 4 entries over the course of 3 days, and only 6 edits! That's a record, hehe :) . If you want to log your mapping then I hugely recommend creating a bliki. Rugenia is indeed a region of Midistland. There is also a major city called Rugenia in the area.

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that 6 months ago
  • i meant of course:

place=city OR place=town OR place=village OR place=borough AND name=(name there). Geez, the formatting ;) .

I am really new and don't know how to make cities and territories and stuff like that 6 months ago

You need to tag a node with approperiate tags: place=city place=town place=village place=borough AND a name tag: name=(name there) This is the simpliest thing you can do. I'm not getting into making boundary relations because that's a thing for more advanced users. That said, there are so many different tags for places that it would propably be the best if I link you to the OpenStreetMap Wiki. It is a different project but most of the stuff there applies to OGF as well (as OGF is based on OSM).

New City 7 months ago

But remember not to edit in other people's countries! I've noticed that you edited in Jirki which is owned by Senz.

WikiForum is "LIVE" 7 months ago

I'm afraid that when this diary entry disappears the forums will die. Is there any other way the admin team will promote the forums?

Telegram 8 months ago

There is a forum on the Wiki, but it is barely accessible and to be honest this isn't a "proper" forum, just an addon to the Wiki (of course congrats to the OGF team for actually getting it to run, but personally I don't think it's going anywhere). And I don't think that admins have enough time nor energy to organise any other additional official way for us to communicate. Remember that both chats and forums have to be moderated. This is why I don't believe anything is going to happen, at least in near future. And if whatever happens then one of the main problems is accessibility - neither chat nor forum won't be successful wihout a quick and easy way to open it (with community-ran stuff, the diary post disappears and everyone just forgets about it).

Telegram 8 months ago

Please, no. OGF isn't fit for instant messaging (and I know I'm repeating myself, but the point still stands). The main problem with chats is: messages disappear too quickly. Another thing - constant notifications are annoying. And the chat can't be well divided, there can be different rooms but tbh it's not enough. In my opinion we need a PROPER forum. You don't have to have it open 24/7 to take part in a discussion, messages don't disappear after a minute and not only there can be subforums but also subsubforums et cetera. Maybe I'm stuck in the '00s but to hell with that, we need a practical solution and a chatroom isn't one. The only thing chatroom is good at is casual discussion.

Gutting out Markvað and starting all over 8 months ago

And I've deleted my capital multiple times!

I know Bahn for being ridicoulously overpriced. And I couldn't ever do anything interesting with it for some reason. Maybe that's because of the grid, it seemed boring to me.

grassy hills: long history 8 months ago

Please, don't flood the User Diaries with new entries. I know that the name insists that it's a place for telling our stories but in reality we use the Diaries as a kind of forum, and posts like that don't add anything useful. If you want you can make a bliki and write such things there ;) .