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This question has been bothering me for quite a while... 5 days ago

This might come off as controversial but I'll say it anyway

I think I'm a transgender woman, I'm not 100% sure about it, but I guess you can count me in.

As for women being interested in geofiction less than men, I think this is a societal issue because there is an unwritten rule that some things are just for boys and some things are just for girls.

I have more opinions on this, but I'd rather not discuss real world politics here.

Mountains and waters in northeastern Oberlant 2 months ago

I didn't know this was a thing. Cool!

Le feedback 4 months ago

This is VERY good for a beginner. Keep this up!

Upgrading Klausburg 4 months ago




Thank you too!

About the ring roads: If you look at the central road, you will see that it is very tight and narrow for the most parts, so I figure it would be good to have ring roads, even if they're not completely outside the city. You know, so people won't have to go through the old city center to enter the city.

What do you mean by "coming on twofold"?

Best regards

Further development of Symflusstat 7 months ago

Yes, most of my country is inspired by Germany.

Actually I wanted to expand it way further. Currently I've mapped only the central part of the city. It's supposed to have around 1 million inhabitants.

Happy New Year 7 months ago

Thanks. Likewise.

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping 8 months ago

Exactly! That's just why I posted this.

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping 8 months ago

@Sarepava - the point is that if you can't look at your own maps objectively, a mirrored image could help you have a different perspective.

A potential way to have an objective opinion about your own mapping 8 months ago

I have another idea in that case - you could invert the whole map in JOSM and then render it in Maperitive.

New updates in Igwepir 9 months ago

Well, I can't always think of a name so quickly.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

Ah, practice. I hate that. It makes me so depressed. But I guess you can't do anything without it...

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

Wow, that's a VERY detailed explanation. I see you know a lot about this.

I've already heard about the "imagine the planning/building process" thing, but whenever I try to do that, I get stuck, and then, out of impatience, I just start drawing random streets. Do you have some more advice on how to do "historical planning"? And perhaps something about how streets get along with different terrain?

Best regards

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

Thanks for the example! Your city is very realistic and good-looking. Only the railway looks a bit unnatural.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago


South Yuda is useful to look up to.

Wakabayashi is okay, but too American for Reeland.

About Westriver - I try to make my suburbs in the same way (because I figure that's how European suburbs usually are) - I make it look like a former town. For example, look at Ruppir.

From your description, Estates are supposed to be the same thing as Vagheen Nort with Kritzen - an old suburb next to a new one.

Thanks for the examples!

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago


Tyngsbourne looks quite realistic.

Curves are a good point, but I don't think they are a bad thing in Vagheen Nort, since it's supposed to be a modern, planned suburb.

You're completely right about sharp-angle junctions. I'm going to fix it right now.

Spacing is a little tricky, especially if there is no particular grid (look at the Leipzig suburban area I've linked).

  • When it comes to trams, there are some things to fix:

  • Extend the tracks for Spentel, Bergtorf and Flusstat

  • Fix the Nortkap track

  • Maybe create a track to Kritzen

Anyway, thanks for the criticism. I like it when people are honest about my work, even if it's bad.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

@EAJ Thanks for the advice. Your suburbs look satisfyingly realistic.

Mapping suburban areas 9 months ago

Thanks for the example, it is kinda useful, but the problem is, your city is obviously American-styled, while my cities are supposed to be mostly European-styled, and suburbs are a little different (look at the last link in the OP).

My first village - Feedback? 9 months ago

The station makes sense. Everything you said in that reply is pretty much true. The best criticism you can get is from yourself, so keep up the good work.

My first village - Feedback? 9 months ago

Looks nice, but I think it's too urban for a village. Small villages aren't supposed to have a huge shopping mall, a supermarket, and a rail terminal. Otherwise, it looks pretty good.

Public competition 9 months ago

Did you map all of Norfield on your own, from scratch? If so, I'm shocked.