Mapper since: June 08, 2017

My name is Zekiel, nicknamed Zeke. I map in Cabelia and Nishowigan, Federal States.

FSA Co-coordinator for the A2021-F2022 term, FSA Wiki Coordinator.

Federal States Quick Reference

  • Federal States Dashboard: Contains updated information on FSA initiatives and meta work.
  • Federal States Wiki Policy: This page outlines the standards for FSA-related wiki articles. Please follow these standards to ensure that the FSA has a high-quality and consistent presence on the wiki.
  • Federal States Draft Page: This is the active draft for the draft of the Federal States wiki page. Any important additions or amendments should first be sent to the coordinator(s), not edited directly into the page.
  • Federal States Collaborative Documentation: A list of every important meta (non-canon) page for the FSA. If you are making a meta page, or uploading a non-canon file relating to the FSA, you must add it to this category.