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JOSM/Merkaartor: auto split ways every X nodes 8 days ago

Other problem i've solved is that loading into JOSM as a GeoJSON file results in lots of duplicate nodes. Wrote a script to fix that in the OSM file.

JOSM/Merkaartor: auto split ways every X nodes 8 days ago


JOSM/Merkaartor: auto split ways every X nodes 8 days ago

That's something i'm looking to do too.

Can probably safely say you don't need that many nodes, have you simplified (Shift-Y) the polylines at all?

Farms, how must size? about 1 month ago

Dutch farms are anything but traditional:

@opengeofiction 4 months ago

Just lack of time - it could do with two or three people looking after it.

Monmouth - Description & Your Thoughts 4 months ago

Interested in where on Earth you think you city is inspired by? / Based on / Most like?

Suggestions 4 months ago

Have a good read of the FAQ

Uhh 4 months ago

Check out "history" on the top tab. Plus and

Can you make your own private map? 5 months ago

Short answer - no.

Longer answer - yes; but on your own website, with you hosting the OSM-based code etc. You can probably just read this answer as no.

Sorry Im asking again 5 months ago

Gardensa: changes in the map (Verisimilitude). 5 months ago

Your dropbox images are not loading

Line trouble! 5 months ago

Line trouble! 5 months ago

You need to draw roads - linear - not spaghetti. One road = one line, with nodes at the intersections.

Line trouble! 5 months ago

I fixed the self intersection.

Your highways are a bloody mess.

How terrorism is in OGF? 6 months ago

(the primary method of OGF-related terrorism is user diary posting)

Transect of Plowford 7 months ago

Probably just add what you know yourself - it's the perfect layout of the semis, terraces and bungalows. Adding in the extensions, sheds and garages - random as they'll be - will add the realism.

A checklist for new mappers starting a country (Inspiration and making the country) 7 months ago

Because only the US produces food, obvs...

CONTINENT FLOODING! in Gobrassanya 7 months ago

I reverted the edits today.

Pathfinding/Directions Issues 7 months ago

The info says it was updated today; see

Best to message Martinum4.

I'd like to ask: 7 months ago

What, nobody is using Comic Sans, huh?