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Brig: open for embassies! 3 days ago

It's looking good!

can someone make trifinia harca again 5 days ago

"noticed it was renamed to trifinia for some reason" - 11 months ago

200+ conflicts on upload, how to solve them all and not one-by-one ? 5 days ago

The "merge down" option in the layers window is good for that too. Assuming it's all new data. L

200+ conflicts on upload, how to solve them all and not one-by-one ? 5 days ago

What is the reason for the conflicts? The two most common are:

  • You have edited / deleted data outside the area you have downloaded (deleted nodes are used by other ways/relations that JOSM doesn't know about until you attempt to upload)
  • Somebody else has changed the same objects

If it is the first then zoom to the area of the conflicted items and make sure you download it. You can multi select items in the conflict list, right click and then resolve to my or their versions.

If it is somebody else's valid, well placed, edits then it would be bad practice to blindly resolve to your own.

Road naming systems - real world examples 6 days ago

It's only the San Francisco example which is really showing logic though?

How to make these islands look realistic 7 days ago

But that really doesn't matter - the delta / wetlands there is a good basis for the country boundary, and that's an ideal thing for neighbouring owners to work together on.

You of course can still have a delta where you have it, but it's going to naturally fed by the mountains to the west of it.


How to make these islands look realistic 7 days ago

The most jarring thing to me is, why does it head north after the wetlands? Surely the wetlands should be the delta?

Uploading .ogg file to wiki gives error. 10 days ago

theruler - please do not leave such inaccurate comments. You should read:

Broom 10 days ago

Xsegunis is currently marked as reserved - it's not a lost country. Plan is to maintain a indigenous Amerindian theme, blending into neighbouring provinces of Ardencia/AR045 with same culture.

Scale Concerns 11 days ago

There are two standard ways to address this. 1: use the measurement functionality in the editor to check your sizes (iD and JOSM have different ways to do this - check docs); use the OGF scale helper to compare your work with a real-world location.

I must change the configuration of Adalia? 15 days ago

I'd prefer Castellanese in the entire territory.

Alright who flooded Archanta about 1 month ago

Sometimes things "get stuck" and additional work needs to be done, in addition to the actual coastline fix. Thanks to Alessa for doing that.

Throwing sand in folks eyes really doesn't help with these issues. People are aware the coastline is broken, and there is an automated system reporting it. Just understand that those with the skills to fix it will be working at it when they have the time.

Biggest help everyone can offer, is to not mess up the coastline in the first place.

In terms of Port Cameron... 2 months ago

I've no fixed opinion on that, I don't see anything really wrong with the original town, just that it could do with realistic detailing. More than a grid.

The airport to the NW should go. The railway branch is totally unrealistic. But these are probably later additions.

In terms of Port Cameron... 2 months ago

If you don't want feedback, don't post on the user diaries. I believe the only other feedback I've given you was on the massive bridge. You seemingly took on board the general feedback. As a long-term Gobrassanya editor I've a lot of experience tidying up ill considered edits, ones which distracted from the goal of realism. As Archanta admin I see even more.

Have you read ?

Think Asian with European colonisation. Don't think Roman runes.

In terms of Port Cameron... 2 months ago

In editing the blue territories you should keep in mind the theme, culture and language - Gobrassanya isn't Mediterranean Europe.

I'm opening my country for all mappers 3 months ago

"Just a note - we're actually a bit concerned people are splitting territories too finely"

And you are, with 24 edits, concerned. That's good. Sorry, not you - "we".

I'm opening my country for all mappers 3 months ago

As regional admin I have given you significant feedback, along with exploring alternative ways & territories for you to improve your mapping.

You will not be opening up this territory to general, or collaborative, mapping by other users.


Proposal: Mississauga-Bayview Bridge 3 months ago


New users should contact specific users via messages, not everyone using User Diaries.

Where a user is making high quality, considered mapping in a blue/purple territory then they can get a wiki account, but limited to collaboration use.

Proposal: Mississauga-Bayview Bridge 3 months ago

austinhuang, please discuss this at OGF:Gobras City, not the User Diaries, thanks.

(comment: Gobras City isn't lacking in the motorways, the Plantation is a conscious barrier to that)

More generally, if somebody wants to "improve" something created by another user then check the edit history for the relation/way/node and contact the relevant editors by message in the first instance. Also, there are plenty area that need detailing, without stepping on toes.

OGF:Gobras City is the home for Gobras City collaboration. I know that's tricky when users without territory and advanced mapping are no longer generally given wiki accounts.


Proposal: Mississauga-Bayview Bridge 3 months ago

Please don't. L