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Territory was griefed, but I was never told? 3 months ago

You are expected to monitor your own territory for edits by others.

Ulihraad Topography Guide Map | AR053, South Astrasia 4 months ago

You're certainly free to edit that bay. L/

Opening a community mapping area! 4 months ago

I'll share any concerns I have with forkymapper.

Mike - in your quoting you missed "you"; this is all very subjective to the users mapping experience, the amount of territory etc. There is not one single answer.

My Experience with the Unofficial OGF Discord. 4 months ago

It is not an official OGF communications channel; please do not spread the discord from there to here. Thanks.

I am removing this post.

Edits only showing on Topo Map and Histor Layer 4 months ago

And Twinimi13 - you are a new user editing in a territory owned by another user. Please read the rules & guidelines and edit only in blue territories - thanks.

Edits only showing on Topo Map and Histor Layer 4 months ago

Please do not do those "workarounds".

Coastline changes not working 4 months ago

That fixed it.

Coastline changes not working 4 months ago

If anything is wrong with the coastline then the go-to places are:

A recent coastline change - user error - has broken the coastline update process. This happens infrequently, and can be a pain to fix. You know it's happened when the bottom of the coastline maintenance map shows "ERROR" and there are red pins down near the south pole...

I've attempted a fix. Will check later.

Mapping Lorotoban villages 5 months ago

The other thing to do is to dip in to Openstreetmap, do some real mapping of East Timor to get inspiration.

There is reasonable satellite imagery for sections.

How do I request a territory? 6 months ago
Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories 7 months ago

AR067 has now been allocated.

Also, unrelated specifically to this, mapping from AN119 and AN124 is moving to North Archanta.

My first international airport 7 months ago

The runways are 4.8km long. At sea level. Why on earth would you want them longer? They are too long as is.

In the real-world they'd be the 10th longest runways in the world. And at sea level.

"Commercial airports should always have contingency measures for heavy military aircraft" ?!

Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories 7 months ago

Let's not get away on a tangent. There's an overarching desire to not specifically have real word analogues.

... But this is just about those four territories.

Expression of interest: larger Archanta territories 7 months ago

That's certainly what I've been working toward, and have just made it more explicit on the territory map.

Phoenix-New Master Plan 8 months ago

As if Histor doesn't know, but declaring an interest in the Guntrum tangent. Focus on on one problem at a time.

If you look at detail at Guntrum you'll see an urban design with some modern filtered permeability concerns at the core.

Phoenix-New Master Plan 8 months ago

Who are the recent editors, and have you sent them a pointer to this discussion? L

Phoenix - Project cancelled 8 months ago

I think you should coordinate to create:

  • Map identifying areas and editors who have edited locally within the last few months
  • Map identifying areas to: keep, rework, replace (note replace doesn't mean completely razing the map - naming and ways can still be reused)

This should be pasted to a new user diaries thread, making sure to notify all the recent users.

  • A new plan can then be developed

Or, just leave it be.


Phoenix - Project cancelled 8 months ago

Common sense:

  1. Don't do anything which results in extra work for the admins
  2. Respect Blue country etiquette
  3. Fully include users without wiki access - it is a blue territory after all
  4. Discuss before action; do not rush
  5. Know the existing OGF rules & guidelines, respect them

I think the original mapping should be restored, a plan agreed before any further changes.

I will not be appointing a coordinator, this is an unofficial project.

Phoenix - Project cancelled 8 months ago

Absolutely beyond parody. You're all so on fire about deleting stuff, before any agreement being reached, that new content is also being deleted.

You all need to read and really understand this:

At the very least I would expect users to take a sampling of the ways they are editing/deleting and check the history of them. If they are recent then you should be reaching out to the user, not just deleting.

As a blue territory most editors in Mecyna will not have a wiki account, and will not be getting one to just take part in this. So coordination should be led on the User Diaries.

Phoenix - Project cancelled 8 months ago

Which is of course not what you said. Asking on a user diary post (which I only read today) if you might need to talk to the admins is completely different to "the opinion of the regional admin was requested, but no response was obtained in time".

And you seem utterly oblivious to the fact you are talking to the actual person right now. And doing a good job of annoying them.