Mapper since: July 08, 2015 | Contributor terms: Accepted almost 4 years ago

Hello, I am yoyo21. I currently own the state of Tulpanen in the Federal States of Archanta. I also map in the Watamak, South Watamak, and West Watamak regions of Commonia. I used to own the country of Zanyizzix (R.I.P.)

My first city that I have built is Hybrid Springs, Commonia. I have made many updates to it recently, such as adding neighborhoods in the north, but the downtown area (between Route 39 and I-98, with Main Street the western boundary) is almost completely from my first few days of mapping. In Commonia, I clean up areas by deleting them (rarely), fixing them, or redeveloping them (adding on to the mapping to make it look more complete).